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Getting Healthier, Bigger, and Stronger


I’ve never structured any sort of training without the bench press, but I’ve seen training like that before. You might also dig the Cube Method for Strongman. You could also make 1 day a strict press day and 1 day a push press day. Good amount of variability as far as pressing goes.


Thanks, I’ll check it out.


I know this is irritating in the moment, but if you don’t care about how much you bench, it doesn’t really matter much if they steal a rep or two, you’ll still get the training benefit.


You make a good point. But, I hate that gym anyway, so I refuse to go except to squat. When you bench, the overhead lights shine into your eyeballs to the point that I’m not even able to see the knurling on the bar when I set up. Their barbells aren’t horrible, and I’ve done many a PR Squat set there, but count me out for benching.

Scariest thing that ever happened to me when I was benching was blasting out a rep with 175. I swore I had at least 5 in the tank, and something gave on the second rep. It was either a technician failure or something not working correctly. If I didn’t have a spotter that bar would have been stapled to my neck.


Alright. The Cube Method is out! Not doing that. I’m just going to do 5/3/1. Back to the basics…no boards, boxes, bands or chains. Here’s the plan! 90% TM, just focusing on getting stronger because I have to. That, gaining weight and getting healthy are my priorities right now.

Day 1 — Axle Deadlift

  • grip stuff
  • Snatch Grip Deadlift/RDL work
  • Abs

Day 2 — Strict Axle Press

  • FSL sets
  • heavy tricep work (floor press if I can rig it up)
  • extra shoulder stuff?

Day 3 — Squat

  • 1 FSL set
  • lighter good mornings, thinking sets of 8
  • Abs

Day 4 — Axle Push Press

  • FSL sets
  • lighter, high rep tricep/shoulder work (pushups AMRAP in 10 minutes, can add a band, decline, etc)

Yeah, that’s it. That + eating to gain and hoping it doesn’t all end up in the toilet. I’ll decide on specifics later. Either way, I’ll be getting an Touch and Go, Strapped, Rest Pause, Hitching Axle Deadlift Rep Max tonight (am I cheating yet?). Hitting 315 for a high rep set. @T3hPwnisher anything you would add? Or take out? Or suggest in the way of grip stuff or lockout assistance work?

Also gonna have a go at Strict Axle Presses again after I mark the bar with where I’m supposed to grab the thing.

SIDE NOTE: Beans don’t agree with me. Learning this the hard way.


Super easy grip work; on your deadlift day, once you’re done with your work/supplemental sets, pull a double overhand rep and hold it for as long as you can. Once you hit 90 seconds, up the weight.


Cool, thanks, it should be a bastard on the Axle.


Well, I figured out I could bridge the bar up to floor press. So, that will be a main movement.

I might throw in some bag work here and there. But, this will be the next three months of training. I finally figured out how to set up for heavy pulls! But, I can’t use straps. So, I’ll be breaking out the shitty barbell with zero knurling and hoping I get stronger on a regular barbell that way. Grip has never been a problem for me, probably because I’m too weak to pull anything over my grip capacity.

Also, back to the basics on diet. No beans or chips, could be aggravating problems.

  • Breakfast — fruit and nuts

  • Lunch — Potatoes and olive oil

  • Dinner — Avocados and Chicken

No problem foods there.


My luck has taken a turn for the better, it seems.

  1. The parasite is gone! Time to gain some weight and strength back. 3 months and I should be back in tip top shape…finally.

  2. I don’t miss my ex, and I have the feeling I was draining myself trying to maintain that relationship and deal with her (exclusively) negative energy. :slightly_smiling_face: onto better things. She didn’t even want to tell me why she was dissatisfied with me in the relationship…so she obviously didn’t care enough to save it. Not a problem, neither did I.

  3. A few days ago, I met a girl who is graduating high school a year early, got a 1510 on her SAT with virtually no prep, and who I can have intellectual conversations with. So far, it is going well. It is almost going TOO well. I’m excited.

:+1:t2::+1:t2: Deadlift session got pushed back to either tonight or tomorrow afternoon. Seeing as how I can barely eat without wanting to vomit, maybe this is for the best.


That’s awesome to hear man! Scary to think about how your strength is gonna boom in the coming months!


Not as much as yours has, buddy. You’re kicking down 500 at 15. By the time you’re 17, you’ll be knocking at 600’s door.


Wish I was kicking down 500 at 15! Turned 16 a few months ago, hopefully I’ll still kick down 600 at 17!


looks like a solid training plan


That’s some awesome news! Don’t forget to give your body a chance to heal. The parasite is gone, but it still did some damage while it was there.


im really glad that stupid parasite is
gone man


Yeah, me too. I can finally get back to living…but I’m not nearly better yet. I haven’t had an appetite/have been nauseous for 3 weeks.


Well, I didn’t expect to set a PR, but I did. I was playing around with belt placement/setup today, and I found that I need to keep my belt lower on my body. As I began the pull, my mid back rounded, partially out of habit and partially because of a cue I forgot. I haven’t set a PR since November, so this was welcome. I am still waking up at 160, and I did not eat dinner last night; haha.


135 x 2 x 5
185, 225 x 3
250, 275 x 1 (275 flew up)
315 x 12 - PR!
275 x 20 (rest-pause)

RDL - 225 x 5 x 5

DOH Hold, 185 x 85-90 s.

50 Ab Wheels.

That’s all. @flappinit, I will be emailing you soon. I saved your email.


@flappinit, I emailed you.


Nice PR man. I am a big fan of 531, it is a really solid programme that I made a lot of progress on.


Thanks! I ran 5/3/1 for 6 months.