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Getting Healthier, Bigger, and Stronger

It’s time for me to get my life back. Goals for this year are as follows:

BW: 180-185

Deadlift - 475 x 1
Squat - 435 x 1
Push Press - 225 x 1
Strict Press - 185 x 1

Current Stats:

BW: 175

Deadlift - 315 x 15 (July 2019)
Squat - 255 x 15 (April 2019)
Strict Press - 130 x 10 (May 2019)
Floor Press - 160 x 15 (May 2019)

If I can do this and not be an uncoordinated, fat bastard, I’ll be just fine. It’s about time I started getting my life back in order. For those of you who don’t know, there’s been a parasite eating my intestines for the last year. During this time, I lost 30 pounds, got addicted to nicotine (I’ve now been quit for 9 months), got really depressed, bitter, and angry; and generally just spun my wheels in the weight room.

However, I now know more about training than I ever have. My pain tolerance is also, unsurprisingly, through the roof.

It’s time for me to get my life back.

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So you’ve had this diagnosed now?

Yes. E. Histolytica has been killing my stomach. Most likely looking at amebic colitis (albeit, it is more moderate than severe…I haven’t seen blood anywhere). I took the first dose of my antibiotic an hour ago, and I am now camped on the toilet. If everything goes off without a hitch, I should be feeling better in 2 weeks. It’s almost surreal.

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Good on you to be on the road to recovery dude. There’s honestly nothing better than being rock bottom, because it means you have nowhere to go but up, and typically at a VERY fast rate. Enjoy the ride.


Thanks man, I’ll be sure to do that. I hope everything goes smoothly.

Great news mate. You know I’m in for this log. Best of luck

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Mate that’s fucking brilliant! Onwards and upwards

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@Yogi1 @j4gga2 thanks for the kind words!! Excited to see what I can do. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to getting your life back! I’ll definitely follow along for the ride. Which EliteFTS coach is training you?

None other than Clint Darden. Great, understanding, intelligent guy.


Nice! Doesn’t he live in, like, Greece or something now? You doing online coaching and providing video for critiques?

Cyprus, actually. Yes, I am doing online coaching! I have no complaints…my training schedule is ridiculously erratic (5 AM sessions a few times per week/split sessions/etc), so I probably couldn’t get a coach to work with me even if I lived near one; haha.

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I love you man no homo! Go get that shit

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Glad to hear that your issue is being treated… cant image how much of suck fest it has been with a parasite causing chaos in your digestive track.

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Thanks. It’s been a long road.

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4200 calories consumed today, even with the nausea the antibiotic is giving me. Going to stick closely to this diet layout.

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Am i reading that right that you are eating 117 grams of fiber a day?

Yes you are.

Any plans to reduce that post treatment? I won’t pretend to understand your malady, but for a non afflicted person that would cause some constipation.

I left out the massive amounts of vegetables I eat each day, haha. Just can’t be bothered to log those.