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Getting HCG is So Difficult


I have a script for Novarel 10,000

Seems like every pharmacy is either selling it really expensive at 170, and some basically don't even know what it is. I called CVS, Sam's Club, Costco, and Walgreens.

Anybody know how I can get it for a reasonable price? And if I get a generic will it work the same?


yeah, that is about the price I pay and it lasts for 2 months at 300iu EOD.
insurance won't cover it for me.


Compounding pharmacies that specialize in fertility treatments will usually have hCG (10,000IU) at reasonable prices (~$60-$90). Look through your phonebook and call around.


I was told the same thing. I asked if it was all the fat girls going on the HCG-Diet and he said he thought it was.

Then I noticed I had two vials in my closet I forgot about.

How exactly do I used 5,000 IU vials ? Can you safely put half of the post-reconstituted into the freezer or does that ruin it ?

Lets see 250 EOD is at 15 x 250 per month or 3750 - I guess it is still good before it is too old. How do you manage 10,000 IU vials ?


Don't freeze HCG, but do keep it refrigerated once it's reconstituted with water. It's unstable once reconstituted...some say it's good for a month, others 40 days, others 60. A 5,000iu vial gives 20 doses at 250iu/dose, which will last you right around a month at EOD. With 10,000iu vials you will end up wasting some unless you trust that it's good for 2 months. Who really knows? I don't.

Do NOT use the (usually 1cc) amp of water/saline it comes with, just throw that away. That is intended for a fertility treatment for women, who will use the whole 5,000iu in one dose. We need a lot less than that so we reconstitute a weakened solution and refrigerate it.

Get yourself some sterile, empty vials (10cc or 30cc are fine) and some sterile, bacteriostatic water (10cc or 30cc) for injection. You can buy both at mountainsidemedical.com for quite cheap. You may as well get the 10cc vials of both since you'll save a little money. I personally don't recommend re-using the bac water...I just draw what I need from a fresh vial each time and throw the rest away. I'm not sure about sterility or shelf life once they're opened, so I trash them. They're about $1 apiece so it's a no-brainer.

Pop the flip-tops and swab all 3 stoppers with alcohol pads. With a 3cc (or larger) syringe and whatever needle you have handy (it's not thick like oil-based T, you don't need a big cannon), draw up 1cc of the bac water. Inject this into the HCG powder vial. Do NOT shake, just gently swirl if you need to--it should mix with no problem and leave you with a clear liquid.

Draw this entire solution out of the vial and inject it into your empty vial. You now have 5,000iu/1cc HCG.

You can reconstitute it at different strengths and you'd need to do the math accordingly...I personally recon at 1,000iu/cc because it's easy to dose that way and I like smaller injection volumes (who doesn't?) That means you need to add 4cc more bac water to your medication vial, to equal 5cc total including the one you've already added.

You now have 5cc of HCG solution at 1,000iu/1cc strength. Thus, 250iu=.25cc. Insulin syringes are normally graduated in units, with 100 units being 1cc (U100 insulin.) Just make sure that's what you have--it will also state the capacity in cc's at the plunger end of the barrel. So, with 1,000iu/cc HCG, all we do is lop off a zero...real simple. An indicated 25 units on the syringe (e.g., .25cc) is 250 units of HCG. Foolproof.

I like to put a label on the vial with the medication, strength, and expiration date (HCG, 1,000iu/cc, 5/5/11). Not that it's hard to remember, but why not? If you have other vials in your house it's definitely a good idea.

If you need sub-Q injection advice, just look up diabetic info, it's the same principle.

Try to get your HCG vial back in the fridge as soon as possible each time you draw up.

Hope this helps!


Very Good info, I have a couple questions.

So 250 iu = 0.25 ml On a 3ml syringe/10,000iu correct?

Why must you draw the entire solution out of the vial and inject it into your empty vial?Why cant it stay in the original vial?

How soon will the effects kick in?


Glad to help. Actually no...what I wrote assumes 5,000iu vials. If you're using 10,000iu vials, you will need to dilute it 2x from what I told you (10cc total fluid) in order to get the same concentration--10,000iu/10cc bac water = 1,000iu/1cc.

-OR- you could recon at double potency (still 5cc total) and inject half as much (.125cc/12 units indicated) to get 250iu. If you're going to do that I'd highly recommend getting 50-unit (.5cc) or even 30-unit syringes (which are graduated at half-units) since it will be easier to measure that way.

I don't recommend 3cc syringes for HCG, the "insulin syringes" (1cc or .5cc, 29-31ga x 0.5") make life easier. I'm not sure you can even get needles that small with a luer lock for 3cc syringes, haven't researched it.

You can't recon in the original HCG vial, at least the ones I get and have seen, because they're really tiny. Mine would hold maybe 3cc tops, I'm not sure. If yours comes in a bigger vial, I don't know of any reason you couldn't recon in the vial it comes in.

Effects are pretty quick--it's not a depot like T, it's in and out of your system very quickly. My boys perked up within hours of my first shot. I seem to notice a little mood improvement as well, but I've also added anastrozole recently (my E2 was sky-high) so I can't say which caused that.


Compounding pharmacies also have oil based sublingual drops too. I paid $50.00 for a three months supply. Call your local compounder.


KNB what is the iu dosage per drop?


do you still need a scrip when ordering from Compounding pharmacies, if so thats the problem , i can't find any doc to give me one


Yes. You can ask the compounding pharmacy for a doc referral, they often know docs who are pro-TRT and will be able to help you.