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Getting Hate Towards Steroid Users

Hi everyone
Greetings from India

I sent an old gym pic to one of my cousins who I am very close to, and he said “you’re better now, and without supplementation” , he meant steroids.
I told him I do 2 cycles of 3 weeks each in a year, and he "lost all respect for me " immediately.

And after that we have argued for about 4 hours about it being bad and unethical and that he puts in alcohol and nicotine in his body since it isn’t naturally produced and uses it for recreation and “not be fake strong”

It’s all good though, subjective opinions. But it made me think real hard whether it is wise to be honest about one’s steroid use…

Just sharing because maybe I need some positive validation 🤷🤓


Most people are innate hypocrites. They will idolise a sportsman, movie star etc, then when the knowledge of his steroid usage becomes public they dis them. In this day and age everyone really knows in the back of their mind who is on gear and who isn’t, even if they don’t understand the minutia of steroid use.
Its just the same as the skinny woman, with big tits, 90 % of them are implants. You really don’t care if they are implants if they look good. You may not want to consciously know, but it won’t stop you admiring her form.

You definitely need to be selective with who you tell about your usage. Mainly due to it being illegal to use without a prescription in many countries(don’t know about the status in India).


Out of curiosity what are these 3 week cycles you’re doing

Last cycle I did test e 250 mg , total 5 shots. 3 on day 1, 2 on day 8
Primobolan 10 ml (100 mg/ml, 3 shots 3.3 ml each . day 1,8 and 15)
50 mg anavar each day

He lost respect for you because you’re doing steroids in the stupidest way possible. How have you been a member here since 2013 and doing multiple 3 week cycles?

Plus, you’re doing illegal drugs. The first rule of Drug Club is don’t talk about drugs especially if the other person isn’t in the club.


Member since 2013 and lifting since 2005.
I do these short cycles because the “stupidest way” works (for me)

Please do not misunderstand brother, I don’t mean to be disrespectful.
But I have found/developed a system after 15 years, having tried many protocols
I can make changes to my body in 3 weeks which I am unable to in 5-6 off months. And I train hard and eat right year round
I don’t know if the forum allows posting videos of members exercising, but I have a couple ,during this compulsory lockdown period

It sure does. Youtube links are the simplest way.

Dude, almost everything you just said is flat-out wrong. You’ve discussed having a bunch of serious health issues, you still need plenty of training and nutrition advice, and you’re still asking a bunch of beginner questions about anabolics like…

Asking how to train on cycle: Training with High Reps/Less Weight On Cycle?

Asking whether or not you should do cardio on cycle: Cardio on AAS or Not?

Asking how to plan PCT: PCT Help Required

Asking for help planning a 9-week cycle because you hadn’t used gear since 2012: More is Not Necessarily Better

Asking for fat loss advice because you “decided to take back control and have been consistent with my workout since 19 Nov '18. I also eat right 80 % of the times. […] weight has kinda’ been stuck in the 99 -103 kilo zone”

Point being, you ask for a ton of help. It serves no purpose pretending you’ve got anything figured out.


I can’t tell if you’re trolling or serious. If you understood anything about steroids you’d know the primo and test are doing nothing for you since it takes longer than 3 weeks to build up in your bloodstream.

This is why your gym buddy “lost all respect for you”. You have no idea what the fuck you’re doing.

Well, I was of the opinion that such forums were for sharing knowledge , and learning from more experienced people. I didn’t know people are judged for asking “beginner questions” or having had “serious health issues”.
Anyway, time and again I’ve met trolls here, you guys are not helpful at all, sorry to say
Maybe I should limit my presence to reading articles and not asking any questions, since it is frowned upon

Nobody’s judging you for that at all. I’m just calling bullshit on your “I’ve got shit figured out” attitude because you 100% do not have shit figured out.

Fucking seriously, dude? Do you want me to go through your threads and highlight the tons and tons and tons of help you’ve gotten?

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Come on, why do you want to go through all that trouble just to prove me wrong.
But do it by all means, if it pleases you in some way
I may have used wrong words, but my point was that I have found something which works for me through trial and error. I have respect for all the great trainers here, I follow your advice, but it is normally a two way street!
And everyone is home and bored, and avoidable arguments reach ugly proprtions
So please accept my apology

No one is trying to be a dick. If I was doing something in a way that someone else knew for a fact is the least likely way to get results I’d sure as hell hope they told me. We are all here with the goal of getting great results out of whatever it is we plan to use. The end game is looking bigger or better (or both). Everyone here has had their own learning curve and has likely said shit that makes zero sense and actually believed it until they were told otherwise. The reason you don’t see anyone running 3 weeks cycles with those compounds is because they don’t get results.

I realised that, yes.

To answer your original question, yes you should be careful who you are honest with about your usage. I’ve made the mistake of telling some ex girlfriends and they looked at it as if I was using heroin just because it involved a syringe. Meanwhile they all looked up to the typical jacked celebrities/fitness influencers that are on juice. Also some friends will look down at you just because they are jealous, they could do it just as easily as any of us but choose not to.

As for the 3 week cycle, I never even notice visible gains until week 4 even with short acting esters, and probably just start feeling the effects at week 3.

I was following bill Roberts’ short cycle protocols

But since absolutely everyone else is in disagreement with that theory, there must be a glitch obviously, so I have decided to do atleast an eight week cycle next…

Try an 8 week cycle and see how you go. 10 weeks is probably better, even 12 weeks.
It all depends on how you respond to the drugs.

what should an 8 or a 10 week cycle look like? because when i do a short cycle, i go hard because i know it will be over soon. like i would eat only 50 gms of carbs (total) pre and post workout. my goal is lose as much fat as possible.
what should my goal be for a long cycle!

and what compounds would you suggest??

i took this picture 4 or 5 days back, sadly i managed to break my cell phone, would have uploaded more .

i have been trying to lose “a little more” fat for over 15 years now!! i have honestly never done a cycle to “put on” muscle…

i have managed a visible abdomen probably 3 or 4 times in this past one and a half decade…never truly shredded though.

5’9" , just a little under 100 kgs.
squat 1 rm-220
deadlift - 230
don’t bench, overhead press 75 kgs x 8
8 chin ups
50 unbroken push ups

presently india is under lockdown, and no one is even talking about gyms… i have some weight at home, so i’m trying to challenge myself every day with the limited equipment i have.

like everyone else here, i am planning to hit the gym hard once things get better

sorry about the long post

i am sorry again about my outburst earlier. especially to mr. chris

You have access to some good steroids, test, primo, and anavar. A conservative cycle would be around 500mgs total/week. You can go a little higher for 8 weeks if you want.
The exact breakdown of the stack depends on how you react to drugs eg are you prone to acne, or hair loss. If you so then you want to keep the testosterone down low, like 125mg, and make up the rest with other steroids. 125mg test, 400mg of primo. 500mg total per week.

or 125mg test, 140mg Anavar(20mg/day for a week), 300mg of primo. 565mg total.