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Getting Hate for Doing 5/3/1

Agreed. They all seem to have good intentions in the beginning but they all go sour eventually. I don’t really understand what’s going on with Alan and his coach, but they seem to be on their own little “we’re the best, everyone else sucks” trip right now. Which is fine. Everyone has those. It’s just frustrating to be going through his videos in no particular chronological order and then hearing “best program for beginners? 5/3/1. without a doubt.” and literally 10 minutes later “5/3/1 doesn’t work/have enough volume/have enough intensity.”

I agree. You can’t make a generalization off of a variable that is different for everyone, i.e training volume. Saying 5/3/1 is invalid because of the volume (which is 100% customizable anyways) is plain dumb. Everyone responds to different amounts of volume differently.

With every variable in lifting, especially volume, there is a point of diminishing returns. Hopefully Alan doesn’t fall in love with volume to the point where he starts getting injured, but it has been known to happen.

In the video that is being referenced, Alan does state that his coach ended up reducing his squat volume by cutting the number of “squat days” down from 3 to 2 after hitting a certain weight. This was done because the frequency/volume became too much at a certain point.

While I’m not an apologist for any youtuber, Thrall isn’t the only strength athlete to take issue with 5/3/1 over volume and frequency.


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In 100% of these cases, I find these people haven’t actually read Jim’s books. Otherwise, they would know how silly a claim this is.



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Oh my god I have an aneurism whenever people comment on the progression rate of 5/3/1.


What’s funnier is when you look back at their training logs and see they added MAYBE 10 pounds to all 4 lifts combined. The 3 biggest things that irk me about 531 hatred are:
1: People bitching about the progresson
2: People saying it isn’t enough volume
3: Thinking it is a fucking powerlifting program that is too advanced to progress on.


Disregarding the obvious opportunists on the business side, the nitwits whining about 531 are probably U2 fans.

You DON’T listen to U2 fans.


Let’s revisit this gem:

Why would you do this?!

I have never found myself wanting to helps someone so little as a result of their actions. It’s honestly why I’ve stopped commenting on advice threads from teenagers. Juice just isn’t worth the squeeze.

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This comment makes me want to run, but I have nowhere to hide, so I’ll continue to walk on…because all Wendler fans are One.

(to avoid misunderstanding, I state for the record that I am one of those who think that the more experience you have, the more you realize how many great concepts go into 531)

I remember watching the video where JW walked into a meet with no “meet prep” whatsoever, and put up an elite total, because some (legit) powerlifter dude had said something or other about the ineffectiveness of 531 as it pertained to powerlifting.

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Fuck 'em


I’ve just caught up with this.

He’s cut his squat depth by a third, put on a bunch of weight and has hired a coach.

These are pretty significant variables before you even begin looking at the programs.

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Oh my God that was absolutely infuriating.

I loved it. Got any more?

Everything bad in the world will always eventually come back to U2

Wow, that train wreck was cringe worthy. I’ve never wanted to assault a minor so bad before


Why would you do this?!

Drive online traffic for views. Yep.

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