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Getting Gym Membership Tomorrow


Hey all, tommorow im getting a gym membership at my local spectrum, im 13 years old about 5'7 and weight about 120 pounds. would any of u have suggestions on a routine i could use. I will be going everyday from 8-9 p.m.

Also do you any of you know what a good protein supplement to take for my age would be i dont want to take any supplements that will have any effect on my growth or anything. And also any suggestions on a healthy eating routine would be very appreciated. Thank you



I wouldn't worry too much about any supplements right now. Just get your eating in order and pick a sensible lifting routine.

First, read Vroom's newbie thread:


I'd recommend starting with Berardi's "7 Habits" for diet, and CW's "Big Boy Basics" for lifting:



Good luck, and have fun!


Bada bing-


It's a good start. Also check out Vroom's Are you a beginner? thread. Good stuff there as well.

No protein powders are going to stunt your growth (unless you buy from Balco Labs). Look for a whey isolate that doesn't give you gas. If there's gas, it's not digesting well.



God sake, the guys 13 years old and you saying he should do big boy basics and others.....and diet....the kid lives at home so he aint gonna follow a BB diet...consult the brain before the mouth. Think about it, did u ever follow a BB diet when you were 13 yrs old? The kids gotta have a life....he's got school, friends, family and fun stuff to do, not workout all week and eat to a BB schedule. Yes he should eat good foods, but hey give him a break...

At 13 he should be doing exercises that are basic and help his development.

I would do 1 -2 at the most workouts a week

Day 1.

Swiss ball DB squats: 2 x 15
Lying leg curls: 2 x 10

Db bench press: 2 x 10
Lat pull down: 2 x 12

Day 2

Trap bar deadlifts/ or Db deadlifts: 2 x 10

Standing calf raises: 2 x 10

Db shoulder press: 2 x 8-10
seated cables rows: 2 x 15


Absolutely agree here. Supps would be no good and a basic program is needed. Just eat extra protein and maybe if your parents will do it for you, some protein powder.

Do the basic excersices. You are already growing. Add a little working out, and most of all good nutrition, and you will be fine.


Chill out man, that's a pretty strong reaction to a simple suggestion. I gave him 7 Habits as a guideline, wasn't that the intention of the article in the first place? BBB isn't that intense of a program, he'd be fine IMO if he kept the weights reasonable and used his head.

At 13, not only was I a national champion gymnast, I also was at the gym 3 times a week. I didn't stick to a BB diet, of course, because I wasn't a BBer. But just because he's 13 doesn't mean he can't get serious in the gym.


After reading Vrooms begginer article and looking at the different workouts and diet programs i have decided to go with Big Boys Basic workout routine and use the 7 habbits of highly effective nutritional programs. I will start this routine on monday of next week. After a week of following this routine and seeing how it goes i will probably buy some whey protein as i have read it is very helpful. I have a couple questions on the diet program and big boys basics but i will ask them tommorow because its getting kind of late. Thanks for all your help guys



my first week at the gym and i am doing tbw from the beginers thread and i have gained 2 pounds, just eat lots of protein and carbs and you get results. btw i am 18


Hmm, trying to remember when I was that young...

Just be sure to focus on form. Don't let your ego push you to try for weights that are more than you can handle.

Throwing around heavy weights is serious and should be treated that way.

Be smart, lift for life.


Good for you!

I think the most important thing for you to do in the gym is start LIGHT and have someone who really knows what they are doing show you PROPER lifting technique. No need to lift heavy and try for max's.

You do not want to be someone who lifts far heavier weight then they should, with improper and potentially dangerous form, video taping it for all to see how little you actually know.

It has been said on this web site numerous times that the less experience you have lifting the higher your reps should be.

Good luck!


today was my first workout day and I did Big Boys uppoer body Day 1 routine. It went well i feel a little bit sore in my arms,everytime i started with low weights and I'd add weights as i went through the 8 reps. I watched others and read instructions on the machines to see how to properly use it im still kind of confused about what semi supinated grip is if anyone could help. thank you.