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Getting Grip on a Bench


I've recently started college at WVU and the rec center here is nice except for the fact that the benches are absolute garbage. I can set up initially but as soon as I drive into my arch I slide right up the bench. Any tips?

Second one's a long shot but does anybody on here go to WVU? A spotter that can give a decent hand off and gets the concept of "don't touch the bar unless it goes down" would be great lol


wear a cotton shirt, and put chalk all over the back of it.


As Ecchastang said, chalking your upper back is an easy fix. I have to do that on the benches at my gym and it makes a world of difference. If that isn’t an option, wrapping a resistance band around adds a ton of friction to even the slipperiest bench. Heres an example of what that might look like: https://www.flickr.com/photos/109931407@N06/14254743118/


Yea I thought chalking my back might be the best way but just wanted to see if there was a way to avoid the mess. They do allow people to use chalk tho so if the resistance bands don’t work I’ll just do that. Thanks guys much appreciated!


If you can also get a couple of blast straps and wrap them down the length of the bench, that’ll stick really good.


Oh shit just saw that TrevorLPT posted the exact same advice… Whoops.


Lol thanks anyway for the response :slight_smile: