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Getting Grief for Low Carb Diet?


Anyone else get looked at/ given a hard time when you explain to people you eat low carb and/or do not eat grains?

My family, specifically my mother thinks I have gone off the deep end, almost like I am bulimic or something. Its funny when I was a little chubby fat boy she brought me to a dietitian. Now that I can see my abs I've "lost too much".

Anyone else experience this?


Yes, haters, will be haters. For the family part, they "care".

The best thing you can do is educate them (not your mom though, for obvious reasons). Don't tell what what it is about. Start by asking them what they don't understand or actually, what they think you are doing. Get a conversation rolling and NEVER try to convince them that it is the BEST way of eating (it's not, it's too subjective).


ive tried to explain, infact, when she say my weight loss she tried doing it. When i came back from school she was back to the "calorie in, calorie out" mentality, Eating a diet of mostly carbs and being afraid of fats and having to much meat.....



i'll just lift my shirt and ask them what their diet is doing for them.. haha


i'll just lift my shirt and ask them what their diet is doing for them.. haha


I think possibly part of it is I used to be 240lb of beef (had muscle, but i was not going to be on any magazine cover type of look). Now, im 160 so its just has more of a shocking effect.

My take.....people are conditioned due to our lifestyle to think that having a muffin top is semi normal and is more accepted


tell her the facts... there are essesntail amino acids, essential fatty acids but no essential carbohydrates.

yes, SOME carbs are needed for ideal health but not as many as most think


You mean to say there we weren't designed for a nice multi-grain bagel? I can see them running around in the fields or hanging in some trees.


Yep, I could tell 101 stories of the shit I've had to deal with from my family. Truth is, I have found that the best approach is to not talk about it and try to avoid it. You're not going to educate them, plain and simple. It's their job to look after you, not the other way around, so you'll never get past that barrier.


I dont think having a lower carb diet is that dramatic. So what, you dont eat bread, and you take it easy on the potatoes and rice. Most times I manage without anyone even noticing.



Unfortunately, I would have to agree with you. i thought talking about how this kind of eating improves insulin health, body composition, blood pressure, among other things, that they would embrace it a little more. They still can't wrap their heads around a high fat diet being good for you, and wait "what about all that saturated fat"

I blame the mainstream!


i guess it would depend on the degree at which your doing it. some days i'm not eating any starchy carbs (non-activity days), and most other days its only for pre and post work-out.


Can't blame anything but the psychology of the human brain...



If anything they probably notice because you are eating significantly less than they are. I am forced to eat gluten-free due to food allergies and have done so for the past 11 months. No one notices because even though I don't eat the bread or any of the other crap, I still eat more than everyone else at the dinner table. When mom is eating a sandwich and I have a pound of steak with side of veggies. Yeah I'm low carbing, but to her I'm stuffing my face.


My sister is the main person who gives me grief. At a meal comments on how much 'protein' is there and how I need to 'eat up'. Its bloody annoying as I am healthy and she (along with most of my family) is overweight or bordering on obese.

I try to not say anything and let her carry on. I think that my Mum and Dad feel more awkward when I come home and eat well when compared to what they do. My Mum is fit, but overweight and knows what is good for her and what isn't, but is 'afraid' of fats and is stuck in the food pyramid mindset.

If they are willing to listen, I might pass on a bit of info I know, or recommend a book, but otherwise I let it slide and just be happy that I am healthy and look alright, but they don't. I'd almost call it jealousy.


Actually you might have point to a certain degree. I came home from college and they notice i'm thinner and then were kind of giving me the "grief". Now that i've made a few full plates I dont hear about as much. Although, my brother passed me the corn beard last night, and in semi kidding voice said..."eat up".


240 to 160... how tall are you? Just because you are lean and have abs doesn't mean you are mentally or physically healthy, which is what they are worried about....


Are you implying that eating carbs serve no purpose?

Because there are people who can squat 500lbs (some on these forums) and they eat plenty of carbs.......

I eat low-carb on cuts, other times, rice, sweet potatoes and oatmeal (with milk and peanut butter, lovely) are staples.


Yes, I believe that what there worried about. (btw 5'8" 160lbs).

I worry about them to though. Eating excessive amounts of refined grains, avoiding fats b/c they make you fat, counties calories as their weight loss strategy (even if their calories are from a majority of sugar). This way of thinking is what has spawned from the so called nutrition experts, but all I see is people becoming heavier, type II diabetes becoming more prevalent, and a myriad of other nutrition problems continuing to rise.

My blood work comes back in two days, ill let you know how my physical health is going, but I can tell you I used to eat like them, I was muscular from weight lifting, but flabby, despite training to watch my calories, I was hypertensive, and very unhappy with my weight situation I had delt with since 1st grade.


obviously not, considering the name of the thread is "Getting Grief for LOW Carb Diet"