Getting Great Results Out of Bunk Tren Ace

I started 350 tren a and 500 sust cycle 3 weeks ago.

I’ve ran tren countless times before and experimented with different labs and doses and I always know when I’m on tren. I always get the same side effects no matter what ester or lab I’m using.

This time I got tren a from a new source upon a recommendation from a good friend of mine. I’m done with my first vial but I got literally zero of sides I usually get with tren. No insomnia, no night sweats, no aggression, no mood swings and no cough at all.

The thing is now even though I’m getting no side effects and I’m not feeling like I’m on tren, I’m making GREAT strength and weight gains. It has been only 3 weeks so I can’t really tell if I’m getting fat but I see no signs of obvious fat gain. The strength gains easily put those of the best legit tren I’ve ran before to shame. In a matter of less than 3 weeks I’m literally stronger than ever before. Any thoughts on what could be in my tren ? I’m 90% positive its not tren, but whatever it is its superior to any tren I’ve seen before.

I’m 6’1’', 255lbs and 13-14% bf, eating around 4000 calories with 350-400g protein daily.

I have no idea what it could be. It would be nice to know, but if its working for you without sides who cares as long as you can get some more for your next cycle:)

Could be ment or dhb