Getting Frustrated with Lower Back Pain

Hello all, I know that many of the members of this form give good information about injurys and rehab and was hopping for some help.

First A little background

Stats: 6’5 260lbs lifting 4 years 5/3/1 program

It all started about a month and a half ago. While doing my squat day for 5/3/1 was getting some pain in the lower back during warm up sets. I attributed it to cold muscles as it went away as the weight went up. After the squat session however my lower back tightened up and I have been in some form of pain ever since.

The best way to describe the pain would be right above the hips on either side of the spine. Maybe 1 inch from either side of the spine. Its a low throb that worsens from sitting and improves from movement. The pain isnt present in excersises that dont stress the lower back.

For example I can do invert rows, pullups dips or bench just fine. The second I would try a bent over row or dead lift I would be in immense pain. Sometimes even just bending over to pick something off the floor can be painful.

I have gone to a trusted orthopedic doctor who has given me an xray and no problems were found, also he has been giving me NSAID shots every week for now 5 weeks. These help greatly for the first couple of days but wear off later in the week. I am able to lift but cant really put any compression on the spine as it causes pain.

Dead lifts are now replaced with inverted rows and heavy back squats with hi rep front squats or single leg squats. Just his past week I have been on the SAID medrol which as I am sure you all know is just methylprednisolone. I am starting my 3rd day of these tablets and feel a very slight if any reduction in pain.

I am asking for your help on what this problem could be. I felt nothing pop or snap at time of injury, it seemed to have a very sudden onset. I cant seem to shake this injury and its really getting under my skin.

Thanks in Advance

Thanks for the insight BBB, my primary doctor is also a chiropractor and he said something to the effect of my hips being out of mechanical allingment. He pulled on my right leg an it popped in my lower back. He said that should help but it really didn’t, maybe for a day.

What type of rehab or therapy is usually recommended for this BBB

I am going back to my doctor on Monday. I have finished my dose pack of Medrol. I would say it has helped maybe 30 percent.

I am still unsure of what type of injury I have so I am going to inquire about that and ask him if an MRI would be beneficial. He took an xray and it showed now problems however.

Anyone who has thoughts or suggestions feel free to share.


We have very similar stories and I can relate to your frustration.
Whats your stretching/mobilization regiment look like?

I am a bit embarrassed to say that I dont have one. Perhaps you could tell me yours and the benefits of it?

I was lifting on the 5/3/1 program and using hillsprints/prowler pushes for cardio, but beyond that i was just doing the lifts.


Do a search on here buddy. Research stretching hip flexors, glutes and quads and hip mobilization techniques.
The benefit is, it helps. It may not be the main source of your pain, but when I get in a good stretching/foam rolling session it feels great.
Stretch light at first and after a warmup or after you have been walking around for a little.
Be concious of your back and pelvis position while you are stretching.

Also, have you not seen a PT or Chiro? Had any massage done?

Let me know if you have any more questions