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Getting Frustrated as Hell

This thread is basically a vent… so I’m not actually expecting many replies besides suck it up. But basically I have had a lot of serious health issues in the past 5 months, I wont get into most of them but I’ve continued to train and (somehow) still make gains. Anyways I had surgery in may that kept me from deadlifting or squatting for 8 weeks. Naturally both of those things went down pretty drastically. When the 8 weeks were up things were good, until I got tendonitis in my elbow and couldn’t do any pressing movements for 6 weeks and had to do PT.

Just got my pressing movements back and they are lower, went from 205 3RM for bench to reps of 12 with 135… My press went from 105 3RM to the bar for 12 reps. My numbers werent great to begin with but now they suck… Anyways just had to get the surgery redone last week cause it never healed correctly and now I can’t deadlift or squat for another 6-8 weeks.

I’m just stressing about losing strenght and size. I also hate going into the gym and using a weight that used to be nothing for you and now is difficult. I know it sounds dumb but it makes me look weaker than I really am so it looks like I have no idea of what im doing, and even worse feel weaker.

Anyways here are my squat and deadlift numbers for the last workouts before my surgery. Hopefully they dont plummet too badly while I heal over the next 6-8 weeks.

Height: 6’2
BW: 190

Squat 3RM= 245
Deadlift 3RM= 335

Losing strength/size due to a legitimate injury (surgical recovery) isn’t the same as losing strength/size due to being a wimp and slacking off. It shouldn’t stress you out unless you had a BB/PL competition scheduled, in which case it is cancelled anyway, right?

Regroup yourself. Back off and look at the bright side. Building back up from the bar to your previous loads will take time, or you may re-injure yourself. Look on the bright side – I’ll bet your form will be even better with the submaximal work you will be doing and you will soon bypass your previous maxes.

Yeah thanks for that latestart. Hah no I don’t have a comp. coming up, I’m nowhere near that level. Maybe someday which would be awesome. I just hate feeling like I am starting over. I did notice last time that my squat form improved immensely when I had to start from a lower weight. Its just frustrating thats all. Especially because the PT never really gave me away to avoid my tendonitis again, and barely stated how I got it in the first place.

Listen guy, I have no idea if this is going to make you feel better or worse but here it is. Your numbers weren’t any good to begin with and for someone who is 6’2, you are skinny as hell. That sounds very insulting, but honestly, it is great news for you.

If you eat way, way more food and lift heavy (after you have healed!!!) you should be able to smoke your old numbers easily in literally like no time. I seriously apologize for sounding so mean, but try to take it as a relief. The point is you hardly had any strength to lose in the first place, so don’t worry about getting weak during a layoff. If you eat up and get on a solid program, you will make amazing strength gains and be laughing at your pre-injury numbers.

Getting hurt and taking time off is part of the game. Strength is slow to build and slow to go away. Try not to have the mindset that if you get hurt and have to lay off that you are losing time and losing strength. That shit is just built in to the equation. Everyone, even Kaz and Ed Coan and the strongest people in the world have dealt with it multiple times. It’s not like they got that strong because they never had to stop due to injury.

Don’t feel like you insulted me man, I completely understand. You gave it to me straight and I respect that. Besides I am completely aware that my numbers were not good at all to begin with. Haha and I am still tall and skinny.

I’ve come along way though so I’m proud, I used to be 145lbs and weak as hell. All this was only after 8 months of lifting and I should be way farther but medical stuff is constantly holding me back. I just hate losing progress, even if it wasn’t great to begin with

FWIW, I don’t think you suffered much more than a 10-20lb drop in any of the lifts you mentioned. Taking advantage of muscle memory, you will probably shoot past your old PRs in literally no time at all.

Then again, I may just suck at repping. lol

You’ll get up there in no time.