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Getting Front Squats out of the Hole

For those of you uninterested, here’s female.

I read someplace that it’s good to start front squats in the hole like an anderson squat (though, I haven’t been going off the pins, because I normally go deeper after this first rep).

I recently got a minor strain in my knee and I think it’s regarding this. Obviously, it’s a lot harder starting in the hole. To compensate, I would normally lean backwards and let the rack catch my balance as I move up on the first rep (like a smith machine) or lean forward and support it w/ more of my back. The weights aren’t that high yet, but leaning forward seems wrong.

Is leaning back correct? Should I just drop the weight and focus on getting out straight up? Or should I just raise my starting level?

If you wanna focus on getting out of the hole, I’d train box front squats as opposed to off the pin. As for leaning back, do not do that. Sink into your knees when you front squat, since the bar is over your base of support, sitting back in the front squat is technically impossible and will only lead to the weight falling out of your racked position.