Getting Friends with Benefits with Girls?

Hey guys I find it hard to get friends with benefits with girls and is there any useful methods to get them. It’s really hard to get laid like really. And sorry for this amature post

Don’t they have apps for this now?


I’d say, don’t make this a goal. It’s highly likely that you, or the girls your with, or both, are going to get hurt.

Something to consider. About 5 minutes.


This is an urban myth. People get attached.

Develop a real romantic relationship.


I was getting laid in high school when I was 165 pounds at 6’4 and had a Jew fro. It’s not hard. It’s also not worth worrying about because after a while “getting laid” stops mattering. You’re having a hard time because you’re sweating about it and that insecurity oozes off of you. You’re the same guy who said he wanted to take antidepressants because his calves weren’t big enough and that you wanted to shoot peptides into them, right? You have to address self image issues like that first, because it will be difficult to convince a girl you are worthy of their time if you don’t consider yourself adequate. Don’t try so hard, man. Everything will fall in place.

Oh, and I’m not avoiding your original question - there just aren’t specific combinations of words that win over women. It’s confidence without cockiness, and it helps if you can make them laugh.


I think you, like many men, are focused on the “benefits” and miss the “friends” part. The idea behind FWBs is that you are friends who also get naked together, not that she is a fuck toy who you can tolerate for a moderate amount of time.

How many deep friendships do you have with women?


This is pretty much it. If you’re friends with girls, the benefits will have a better chance of coming. Solid Buzz while watching a movie together is a good way to go.

This is also true. It works for awhile, then stops.


You can usually find a twenty something female who hasn’t yet caught on that if the benefits go, the friendship goes with it.

Well, people already said it, be friend with girls first, treat them nice… you know the rest.

You could also try apps like Tinder, if you put that same pic you put here on forum - you should have no issues bro.

But, from my experience, Tiner chicks tend to be crazy (not crazy in a good way) so I got too traumatized to ever try something like that again. (I had to warn you)

Then, there’s last option, which is also only option where you can just decide that you want to have sex, call a hot girl, have sex with her and then never talk to her again - unless you want to fuck her again or something. But that option will cost you - prostitutes. Just check is that legal where you live, and if it’s not - how likley it is that you’ll get caught.
But hey, you’ll fuck a 10/10 and she’ll put your pleasure on first place, and literally ask you to tell her what you really want, and at the end there’s no hurt feelings, both sides know what’s the deal. So just don’t be too shy to her and treat her nice too (like you would any other girl) and it will be great.

It’s because your calves are too skinny.

Seriously, no girl will ever want to have sex with you with calves like that.


Don’t even get me started on pec insertions.


Nominating @anon71262119 as official forum mom. Always on hand with great advice that will likely be ignored.


then im ready with anti depression pills bro ha ha

Damn to be honest i have some ego issues with me that i told to myself let girls chase me instead of im going for them but u know man instinct, the more you control desire it will get worse and make me go for desperate approach. I have friends but im not sure im in friendzone or nt.

Thanks for your words bro. i can see where did i go wrong and you guys do remember me ey haha

You need to find girls with low self worth that are willing to compromise and maintain the guise of friendship while denying their actual wants or needs.

No girls grow up thinking they’ll meet a nice guy then wait around on him being his occasional bang hole.


and when you find one - never let go


Not sure I fully understand this post…

I like where my grotesque mind take it though.


I have a few FWB type relationships. Half of them didn’t end up well, and we ended up cutting off contact and not talking anymore at all.

The thing is you might think that FWB is fun, but once you are in those type of relationships long enough, you start to miss the essence of being in a true relationship. Trust me. I’d rather find one beautiful girl that asks me how I am doing everyday, is able to listen and understand my problems rather than girls who are just there for me for sex-related stuff and pure lust.

I don’t know if it is just me getting older, I am 23 now. But I am sick of FWB type relationships.