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Getting Friends Into Lifting


Has anyone ever had any luck getting their non-lifting friends to be as passionate about weight-lifting as they are?

I ask because over the years I've determined that it might be impossible.

I've taken friends to the gym, shown them how to perform various lifts, told them how to eat, even made programs for them - but not one has ever cared to stick to it. And in many cases these were guys who would ASK me to help them. Like, "hey man I totally want to have a physique like yours, I'll do whatever it takes."

I think that with stuff like this (or anything that involves a lot of work, research, time, sacrifice, etc.), you either do it alone or not at all. I really think that if you have to rely on someone else for motivation in ANY area of your life you will ultimately fail - and my experience with trying to help friends get into lifting is just an expression of this.

What do you guys think? Have any differing opinions/experiences?


After I lost a lot of fat and put on some muscle I started getting similar requests… Basically what it comes down to is if they see you progressing, they’ll start researching on their own if they truly have the drive to do it … then they’ll ask questions, later


Yeah…it’s pretty impossible.


My experience has been that while this friend or that one will get motivated for a short while and want to talk to me about what I do for workouts and nutrition, most of them will fall by the wayside. I don’t any longer push, ever, because then my friends feel defensive around me when they stop caring about it.

Occasionally someone will spark on their own, and then it’s a delight to talk to them about our shared interests.


Call them fat and bully them emotionally untill they submit to your will.


Yeah, if people aren’t going to do it on their own, they aren’t going to do it with your help. lifting ultimately entirely revolves around self motivation.


[quote]-ironman- wrote:
Call them fat and bully them emotionally untill they submit to your will.[/quote]

Like I haven’t tried that?

It doesn’t work.


in my experience, unless they started it by themselves, they wont do it under your instruction