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Getting Fit For Summer Sports


I'm a 30 year old male, 5'9" tall and 175lbs. Bodyfat is in the upper teens.

I'm looking to get myself ready for summer league soccer and softball. Over the next three months, I'd like to lose 10-12 pounds of fat and put on whatever muscle I can. Before the peanut gallery starts in - spare the manorexic cliches. I know, I know, but this is what I've got to work with right now.

I'm looking to do a carb-cycling system, something like what CT or Kelly Baggett have written about, to try working both fat loss/muscle building at the same time. Program crits are appreciated.

working on sport specific skills (batting cage, soccer drills, etc)

~1700 calories, 200p/80c/60f

a.m. fasted cardio, walking about 3 miles.

full body weight training, using Waterbury Fat Loss variants - 10x3 through 5x6, varying week to week.
-cable crossovers
-seated rows
-cable curls (my only iso exercise :p)

~2500 calories, 250p/250c/50f. 50c are Surge, bookending my workout, with most of the rest (and about 1600 calories) in post-workout meals.

extra forearm/grip strength work (weak hands!), HIIT sprinting as close to CT's method as I can come without passing out.

~1700 calories, 200p/80c/60f. Nearly identical to Monday except 25c are coming from a scoop of Surge right after sprinting.

Same as Monday

Same as Tuesday, except...
-Back squats
-Incline DB press
-Romanian deadlifts
-DB lateral raises (angled to hit rear delts)
-weighted dips

Same as Wednesday

Effectively a day off, but possibly with the a.m. walk. Also intend to incorprate a full body flexibility routine this day (I'll be stretching every day, but this would be more specifically geared to improved overall ROM).

Same diet as Monday/Thursday.

I'm thinking that while the muscle gains aren't going to be impressive, the timing and carb control ought to let me make some progress while still letting me drop a few fat pounds the rest of the time. I toyed with the idea of three lifting sessions, but have a feeling that full body twice a week is the right place for me to start (I've usually done 3x or 4x a week split sessions, this will be my first crack at regular weekly full body workouts).

I'm vaguely concerned that I'll need to do something to improve my endurance, as trotting around a soccer field for 60 minutes can wear a brother out. That sort of running doesn't jive with any sort of lean mass gains, though, so I'm omitting it for now until I see what the a.m. walks and overall fat loss do for me. If it seems necessary, I'll turn Monday into a 5k run day, putting it as far from my previous lifting day as possible.

Advice and critique is appreciated. Telling me I ought to eat 6000 calories a day and get fuckin' huge, not so much. :slight_smile:


Too much work for anything leads quickly to overtraining.

Working your legs 6-7 days a week will probably lead to this.

As for calorie recommendations, it's always a shot in the dark, it sounds insufficient to me but if it works then stick with it.

Good luck!


I see your point about legs. Soccer specific stuff wouldn't be very intense, just a little dribbling and shooting practice to get the rust off, but it's something I'll keep an eye on. Sleeping in on Sundays is appealing as well...

Regarding the nutrition, I've crunched the numbers a few times and ought to be pretty close to the target. My maintainence is probably just about 1700 calories a day, so the exercise I get those days ought to put me in a fairly mild deficit. I wouldn't be surprised to find I need more post-workout food on the days I lift, but will see how it goes. I'll be at a 50% calorie increase on those days over the rest of the week and more than triple the carbs with this plan - I'm not sure how much more rice and beans I can cram in my mouth between 6pm and midnight those days ;D