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Getting First Car Help

Alright this my situation. I’m getting my full licensce in june and I want a car. My mom was going get me a car but something came up and she owes 13,000 dollars to bank over some mixup on their part so that was my car money going down the drain. I want to get a car but my parents won’t let me get a job so I’m force on saving up my money to get one. Anyone have ideas to let my parents let me get a job? Do you think it’s possible to get a car with a part time job? What else can I do to get a car? I’m I screwed for a car? Also does anyone know in New York if your under 18 can you buy your car? Also if you can buy your own insurance if your under 18?

The first thing you need is a gun.You can get one cheap almost anywhere,probably fifty bucks for a russian made .380. Then you go find someone with a car that you want. Next you shoot them and take the car.Don’t get blood and bullet holes all over the place either, thats a stone cold give away.
The next thing you need is a clue. What in the world gave you the idea that this is a good site for advice on obtaining a car and getting insurance?
Or ranting about how your parents aren’t going to buy you one?
Third- you are going to need some balls. These are very important for lifting weights, buying cars, dealing with problems in life,ect.I take mine with me everywhere and we do everything toghther. Even the women on this site have balls. You don’t want to be the only one here without them.
Good luck.

DonjuanPimpin, listen to mindeffer.

Before you get a car, get some Alpha Male.

…and by the way, you may want to consider removing that “pimpin” from the Donjuan - it kinda takes the power away from it.

I think he said ‘car’ about 300 times in that post.

That must be some sort of a record.