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Getting Fed Up



15% BF
Hey guys, I have a goal that a lot a people want. I want to see my abs! Iv'e got very big but never ripped. Now I just got done with CT's OVT, did IBUR 3 times a week, and have eaten a good diet. I lost about 5 lbs and i worked so hard. Now I dont like taking any drugs or anything like that.

I was eating 6 times a day, about 350-400g of protien, about 50g or carbs. and around 100g of fat. All comming from chicken, peanut butter, nuts, ev olive oil, and fruits\vegies. I am pretty disapointed. Is it genetics? Do I need surgery to see my abs? Any advice welcomed.


well first thing you gotta get lower than 15%BF, so while youre doing that, work your abs. granted you can "see" abs if you get to a low enough BF they still wont look good if you dont train them right. theres a whole article about ab training on the main page, read it and do it.

i dieted so much and got my body fat pretty low, around 7% -if not lower, and i still wasnt satisfied because they werent as thick and pertruding as i wanted them. so right now im through with the cutting and im trying to put on about 5-10 lbs of muscle and of course im building up my abs so theyll look so good you wont believe theyre real when i cut down again.

p.s. use weighted ab exercises


Check the giant "my experience on the anabolic diet" thread. You need to eat more fat and less protein. Do not scoff, your body will use what you give it and preserve what it doesn't think it's going to have enough of. If you've been eating like this for a while I guarantee you are using way more protein than you'd like for fuel and hanging on to the fat. Slow down on the protein and eat more fat, especially if you adapt to fat like the AD propounds and you will use fat for fuel. Also 230 at 6'6 isn't scrawny, but it isn't huge either. Be sure you're ready to diet down.


can we see a pic of your abs?


Heres a pic. I am reading about the AD program. Seems nice. Kinda looks like what I was doing just a little less carbs on no carb days and carb up weekends.


u just have to bite the bullet and cut your calories thru less food intake and hard ass interval training. that's how i went from 13% bf to under 9% in less than 6 months. this article here is a great place to start.



if you're looking for your abs to show, you need to be at around 10% body fat or lower