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Getting fed up

Ok so I am not going to make any good guy list with this post… But I know there are a few of us Americans that are being made out to be the bad guys. So I would like to ask please lets just let people have there opinions with out bashing every none american who talks bad about us. Yes it makes me mad, but I can’t change things. Let just worrie about things we can change. US=GG you got to be getting tired of trieng to make everyone love us… SO lets stop bashing and worrie more about being friendly… Before I wrote this I had a lot I wanted to say about some of the Topics… but then I looked at my foot and Remebered my monthly Check from Uncle Sam for my disabilities I suffered while upholding freedoms… Look We can be civil…yes even some Americans can be kind hearted , not evil killers like some of you may think…
Thank You

I appreciate your post and your sentiments. There is much truth in what you write. I AM getting tired of the same arguments.
I would like to express why it is that I spend time refutting these people. There are people out there who listen to the whining and the specious arguments put forth by the bad guys. I shudder when I think of these people wandering around with those ideas in their head. The idea that running from a problem will make it go away, frightens me. If enough people start feeling this way, it will undermine our efforts. To me, I feel like these people need to be countered with logical, passionate, and factual arguments at every term. They cannot be allowed to run off at the mouth. In some respects, this is another area of combat that we must win.
There are many people who read these threads and do not post. I want to present an obvious alternative to the “do nothing and hope it goes away” garbage.
I am eagerly anticipating your response.

US=GG I understand your point as far as hidding from the problem, but it seems that latly the topic just seems to be who can put whom down the best. SOme of the post if your read them makes us (Americans) all look like blood thursty warriors. I am not saing lets hide from it but lets try to be Brothers and sistersa to one another and respect each others opinions with out gettin confrontational… this goes to everyone who feels they need to talk trash about the other to feel better… As far as Restless wishing Diesel was in NY on 911… that is just plane ignorant!!! While I do agree with some of your points a I can not agree with everything, but that is my right as a human to be able to think for my self.

Cudapwr, thanks for serving!

I agree on the arguing also. Seems pointless most times, some people will never change their views and argue incessantly just for shits and giggles.

I’m an American, but I’m certainly not a violent blood thirsty warrior :slight_smile:

In terms of having “bad guys” and “good guys” it all depends on where you are looking from. If you support the bad guys, then they become good guys, in your eyes and vice versa. People such as Saddam had supports, i.e. Sadaam Fedayeen, who viewed him as great and awesome and thought he was a good guy. Most of the world didn’t view him as that though. It’s all relative in terms of who you ask and how you look at things.

I don’t care if I make any list. My Brother in Law is a current Marine. My cousin is in Iraq right now. Some of my friends are in Iraq. My grandfather was a Marine in WWII. My uncle was an army ranger. I know about the military and I support them unconditionally. Without them, we are nothing.

Thank you Cudapwr for serving our great nation.