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Getting Fat on Test


Just finished a quick 2 week cycle of test prop 50 mg ED and .5ml arimidex 3 x week. Lord I put on 10 pounds in those 2 weeks and it aint muscle. Its all in my belly. Anybody help me out here? What, if anything can be done about this enormous bloating?


Why are you taking these..?



Unless you diet was way out of control there should of been next to no bloat utilizing the adex and only 350 mg of prop per week.


Perhaps you increased your calories to put on weight, and it was 10 pounds worth of too many calories. You'll have to let us know what the diet was like.

As said, the Adex should have worked against water retention, especially for only 350mg/wk of test.


No offense James, and pardon me if I am misreading your post, but this is the "Steroids" forum. The people that post here choose to use steroids because they want to. Who are you to question that?


I was really confused for a moment there, partially because I didn't post that and partially wondering how you knew my name, haha. My name is also James (no I'm sorry, I'm really not Arnold, but I will still sign autographs if you're interested).

I figured he was asking why to figure out if he was doing it to put on weight, get stronger, etc. Find out the goal of taking it, not questioning his use. I went with the benefit of the doubt.


Well, I might have if his nickname wasn't "natural59." I don't mean to be rude though, it's just the way I took it.

And to the OP, test fattens me up. Well, maybe it's the food heh, but I always get so hungry on test.


Well I may have my answer, my diet was pretty fattening. Yet I took an even smaller dosage some months ago and got the same result when my diet was much cleaner. So that is twice with the getting fat on Test. As soon as I quit test the blubber started coming off.

To the natural- I am experimenting with TRT, that is why my dosages are low.


Test prop sucks for HRT, and even then 350mg/wk is too much. 200mg/wk would be the max. 100mg/wk is really good for most people. Very few people need an AI or SERM on HRT. I would try 100mg/wk, then 150, then 200. Go with the highest dose where you don't get gyno symptoms. Either way, it should not be more than 200mg/wk, as this is no longer HRT.


I grew a small belly off test also my friend but it was my poor diet, First cycle, and water retention. Keep a solid diet from here on out and your belly will disappear fast.


Simple answer, I don't know if anyone has answered you directly without beating around the bush, but...

Quit eating like a pig! Sorry, no excuses, simple as that.


Something wrong here. You might have some fake gear and drinking beer every night. If your diet is right and your logging the right amount of time under the weight, there is no way you should be gaining fat. No fucking way. Especially with Prop.