Getting Fat On M1t?

A lot of people say you’ll gain alot of fat while on a cycle of m1t…last time i took it i gained around 15 pounds minimal fat…if i raise my calories around 1000 over maintance but eat lots of vegetables fruit low gi carbs fiber lean meats only healthy fats would i be able to not gain much fat? or would the fact that im raising my intake 100o calories negate the fact that im eating clean? let me know… is there a way to not gain any fat or would it be optimal to jsut bulk dirty and get big then cut a month or so later.? any advice or questions would be welcomed thanks. pm me if you need info…except if the info is where can you score some m1t

Always bulk clean. People will say this is impossible but I have eaten 7,000 clean calories a day and it wasn’t difficult. My friends recently came off a Superdrol cycle in which they used for justification to eat 6,000-8,000 calories per day at a bodyweight of 160 lbs. Absolutely no need for that. On top of that it was mostly crap food and at the worst times i.e before bed and middle of the night.

I think most people overcompensate while using even something like Tribulus thinking that their BMR and protein synthesis will increase by 50%. Slowly does it. I always start with a 10% calorie increase then slowly add more if I’m not seeing any fat gain. My friends did gain 25 lbs but I’d say 22 is fat and now they’ll lose that 3 lbs of muscle they earned trying to shed the blubber. The purpose of a gain phase is to gain muscle.

thanks for the info yeah i eat around 3500 with little or no carbs im just going to add in carb calories mostly oatmeal and such ill kick it up around 4000 see how that goes.