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Getting Enough Nutrients w/ Diet?



My diet:

Meal 1:
Chicken 200 g with nuts 10 g

Meal 2 and 3:
200 g mixed salat (tomat, letuce, corn), chicken 150 g and 3 g fish oil

500 ml juice
30 g proteinpowder

Meal 5:
Chicken 200 g with nuts 10 g

Meal 6:
Fat fish 200 g

Total of 1800 kcal. Iam 160 lbs, male.


Probably lacking in fibre. I can't imagine there would be enough carbs in there to keep me going. Probably lacking in a lot of other vitimins. Unlikely that you are getting enough fat to replace the carbs you are not eating but I have no idea what "fat fish" is.

I would imagine that you have probably dropped some body fat and a ton of energy.


.... first of wat type of diet are you doing? IF you are doing a PSMF, read the thread about it.

And you didnt even state the Macro break down. sigh.


What are your goals? Hopefully not to build muscle.


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OP; it looks like you got healthy foods there...but not really much. are you looking to hold onto that massie 160lb frame?


Macro as follows:

Prot 220 g - 50 %
Carb 90 g - 20 %
Fat 60 g - 30 %

my goal is to reach 8 % BF - currently 11 %.


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No, vitamins/minerals? You only get veggies with one meal. I think the diet is lacking.


I do take 1 multivitamin everyday.

Andboth meal 2 and 3 are salads.

Still not enough? I also feel pretty tired.


No, that's fine. I just didn't see that in your above diet.

Try throwing some broccoli or fibrous veggie in there. And make sure you're using Romaine and not that crappy ice burg(cuz there is nothing in there but water).

Well whenever I cut out complex carbs, I'm usually short on energy. So I try and make up with it with some kinda pre-workout nutrition/snack to get me through a WO(something as complex as SWF or something as simple as some whey and a piece of fruit.


Man, eat all the green veggies you can. They don't count on your macros, and may give you a bit more energy. I'm a fan of calciferous veggies.