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Getting enough fiber?


How do we determine how much fiber to eat as individuals? Where do we get our fiber from?

Hey, I'm 5'11"@185 but Joe Schmoe is 6'3"@260. Obviously, there is no way that we have the same requirements.

Lets just forget about what the standard guidelines are here. Shouldn't we (as T-men/Vixens) be taking in more fiber? And if you're on anything like a massive eating protocol, the intake needs to be even higher. Fiber should be up there on everyones list, right?

I'm currently taking in about 40-50 grams daily right now.

What do you find to be your main sources of fiber and what are the best ways to get your fiber? Should we be getting fiber from as many different healthy sources as possible (like we do with fats)?


I get 100-150 daily from a variety of sources, but my main source is bran.


get a variety of fiber from fruits and veggies, healthy grains etc. If you are regular than you are getting enough :wink: Regular meaning at least once a day.

Mike Mahler


clint, are you sure you typed that correctly? I'm at about 50-60 and am having to cut back due to it aggravating IBS symptoms. The amount of bowel distress with 150 grams is unimaginable to me.


Damn, 100-150 grams seems like overkill. I usually get no less than 40, coming from oat bran, fruits, greens, flaxseed and occasionally guar gum or psyllium.

I'm pretty sure in an old Appetite column JB stated the upper limit to be between 40-50, esp. during dieting.


I never have problems pooping, so I must get enough at my 40-50 grams/day

Clintpatty must love the toilet at that level..
Also if it's true I cant imagine how he gets enough calories. For example I purposely avoid fiber in my post workout meal since I want the calories.


I try to make sure I get at least 10g from veggies a day. I eat 5-8 "servings" of fruit a day, and I'm not counting the fiber there. I get 10-15g a day from oats and rice, 10-20g a day from legumes, 50-70g a day from bran, and 5-20g from psyllium. On one carb up day when I was using Cheater's Diet I ate a pound of bran. I will not do that again.


clintpatty---it sounds like we get our fiber from the pretty much same sources. However, when eating in the 3500kcal range I usually average around 50g fiber a day. How much friggin' food are you eating anyway to get 100g fiber?! I mean---DAMN!...


Rathman, a few cups of oats and rice a day will give you that amount, a few cups of legumes will give you their amount, a few tbsp of psyllium will give you its amount, and a few cups of bran will give you the big number. Antiliberal, actually, I only go once a day. Unfortunately, we have a low-powered toilet at home and I often have to use a stick to coerce it down. Have you ever seen the toilets at Sam's? The Sam's Clubs around here have the highest powered toilets I've ever seen. I want one of them when I get a house.


Ahh, so your body prefers that high fiber amount clintpatty.

Yes sams has good toilets. So do a few other stores too, mostly newer ones.

Those home use low flow toilets from a few years back really really sucked. They are sooo weak it's horrible.

I've avoided buying them by snagging a few older toilets people threw out when they upgraded, and then I laughed when they complained about them not flushing. But if you live in one of the 49 states that follows that federal code, you really have no choice.

In pretty similar fashion to computerizing cars, the toilet industry is finally learning how to make low flow work on lower residential pressures. Took several years though, but the brand new ones are better.

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I`ve read that too much fiber can do more harm than good. I dont have any references (sorry), but the theory was that too much fiber (60++ g/daily) can reduce your levels of free testosterone.