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Getting Enough Calories


First I need to introduce myself. I have been working out now for about a year. I am 36, male, married with kids. I have had a few injuries over the past few years from sports. Torn rotator cuff about 8 years ago and severely torn hamstring 2 years ago. Due to this and age I decided I had to do something if I was still going to be able to play. I have learned what little I know from this site and bodybuilding. com. I have progressed at a fairly steady state up untill about a month or two ago. Weight was staying about the same but body comp was changing so I was fine. I have now realized that I need more calories to continue to grow. I know, some of us are slower than others, but I am learing as I go.

An example day is yeasterday. I had 2 egg whites and one whole egg, 1 serving of grits, a glass of 2% milk, and a glass of orange juice with 5 grams creatine. Next meeal is 30 grams of dymatize whey, 30 almonds, two omega 3 pills, and a multi vitamin. Next is rare but it was a office meeting so I had one slice of vegatable pizza. Next was a chicken breast and a serving of green peas. Next was a chicken breast, rice, and 1/2 corn on the cobb. Next was 75 grams of dextrose and a scoop of Extend with a full shaker of water. I also ate 2 slices of cheddar right before working out. Drink that during workout. Post workout is another 75 grams dextrose, 30 grams protein, 5 grams creatine. As you can tell I work out at night.

So my question is how do I get in another 3-400 quality calories a day? I still consider myself a newbie and am just looking to learn more. Oh I forgot I am 6'00" and weight 178 on my scales. I think they are light by about 4 lbs. Thanks in advance


Healthy fat. Add a tablespoon or two of olive oil to your shakes.

I see no reason to remove the yolk from your eggs. The yolk has a nice amount of luceine and is just healthy in general.

Any reason you don't eat beef? I know you've only posted one days worth of eating, but do you avoid other meat like beef and lamb?



Gallon of Milk A Day

only whole milk (also known as Vitamin D milk)

start slow, maybe taking in 1/2 gallon a day for a week, then a 3/4 gallon, etc etc

i cant remember exactly, but its around 2500-2700 calories, 125 g protein.

ive managed to put on 25 lbs so far with GOMAD and makes getting in all those calories much easier, imo.


Thanks guys. I have no problem with beef. I actually buy a 5lb log of round steak at costco and slice it up into about 5-6oz filets and then vacuum seal them. It is only 1.99 a lb and pretty lean. I prefer large porterhouses but the budget wont let me eat a 2lb steak every night:) I am thinking I need to come up with some type of shake but I dont like smoothies. I dont like pureed fruit. I also struggle to eat fish. I could be wrong but I thought the cholesterol in egg yolks could be a problem. I actually prefer to have the whole egg. It taste better.


Awsome. I just looked up milk and one quart is 600 calories. Add in another 125 to 150 of olive oil and thats a good start. Especially if I know i am not hitting my food goals for a day. Mix that with my post workout protein and I may be on to something. Thanks bones and irish eye. Between that and a little olive oil i am headed in the right direction. Keep the ideas coming. Eating clean for calories is difficult still as I am learning ways to mix it up. Chicken rice and eggs get a little old. Right now I am about sick of egg whites.


Dietary cholesterol has little effect on circulating blood levels of cholesterol. Trans fats and other bad fats and triglycerides are bad for cholesterol.

Cholesterol is important for maintaining good T levels. Eat the yolk.


Thanks. I did some additional reading and I will take your advice. Yolks it is. Finally my eggs will taste right again. My calorie count is coming up.


Sorry, but I'm gonna have to give a thumbs down for milk. Milk is just not a clean source for protein because it's full of bad sugars and fats, causes insulin resistance, bloating, water retention, manipulates hormones for the worse (increases estrogen, decreases testosterone), causes acne. I've personally experienced all of those side effects from milk. Don't get me wrong. Milk is my favorite drink on the planet. I just don't like how milk treats me after all of my years of faithfulness to it.


And as for eggs, yeah, eat the whole damn egg. :slight_smile:


My eggs were so good this morning. Garlic and hotsauce mixed in then scrambled. I had forgotten how good eggs were with the yolk. Also threw in olive oil in the post workout shake last night. Talk about easy extra calories. I am already a couple hundred calories over normal and it isnt even 10 yet. Thanks. Any other ideas are always welcome.


i dun think adding fat in your PWO will do you any justice. Fat slows digestion, which is counter productive seeing as how the point of a PWO drink is to replenish your body with nutrients, within half an hour of working out(give or take).

However adding extra virgin olive oil to your shakes any time of the day seems fine. Another good way to boost calories is eat peanuts (about 50 grams is 300 cals).


tons of old school body builders used to take down a gallon of milk a day, some even 2 gallons with lots of heavy squatting. Aka the Squat and Milk diet.

im guessing everyone has their own different experiences with GOMAD, as we all have different bodies that react differently to different training styles, eating habits, etc etc.

personally, GOMAD has worked fantastic and I highly recommend it. i havent experienced any of the negatives that you noted above.

GOMAD also isnt a permanent solution. its meant to teach you and your body how to take in more calories, as well as make it easier to take in those needed calories and protein when you are first starting out.

to each his own i guess.


Well, if it means anything, I'm not bias because I've tried both methods. I've drank close to 2 gallons of whole milk a day before for extended periods oftime, and it got me fat as hell, bloated me, gave me water retention which made me look even fatter, especially in the face, and made my body over-produce oil. I also have pubertal gynocomastia from years ago, and it's still here. I'm guessing it could have been from milk raising estrogen. I remember having blood tests right before and after I stopped drinking milk with my diets because I was trying to get a script for accutane. I stopped drinking milk because of what I head read, and, on my blood tests, my test levels and estrogen levels did a complete 180. I started dropping bodyfat and water like mad, and my acne started clearing up. Sluggish feeling went away, too.

Bodybuilders back then drank raw milk, which is much healthier for you. Don't forget that the golden era of bodybuilding also was very into lifting for long periods of time every day. These guys could handle the calories and constantly spiked insulin because the insulin was actually doing its job in shuttling nutrients. These guys sure did need it with the amounts of damage that they were doing to their body If they were also drinking the milk in large quantities in one sitting, then that would be much better than drinking it spread throughout the whole day.

So if one were to drink large quantities of milk, I'd suggest a half-gallon in the morning and a half-gallon after working out, or a third of a gallon in the morning, pre and post workout. The insulin spike could be useful, but even then, the bloating and smoothness and, just thinking of the things the milk did to me makes me sick. haha But whatever though. I'm happy milk has worked for you. Keep at it if it works. I just wish milk wasn't this way for me . . .