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Getting Dumbbells for Home Gym


I am looking at adding equiment for my home gym. And I was wondering what is better...

I see to sets of DB's one with standard hole with a threaded lock collar and an olympic DB set with spring clips. Now I already have olympic plates. 2.5x1 5x2 10x4 25x2 45x4(gonna get more).

So I guess my question is has anyone used the olympic DB's? I am guessing the spring clips are not good enough for DB work and I would need better clips.

Anyone with experience chime in.


I don't use them per say, but I sell them. I think they work just fine. However, ours are 20" long compared to 14" for the standard bells. 45lb plates may look awkward on there, but I don't see them being any less functional.

My .02





I loved my olympic dbs. Not many gyms out here go up to 185 pounds.


I have them...spring collars suck, muscle clamps rock.


If I was going to start over on dumbbells I'd buy powerblocks off Craig's for the lighter then look for a good deal on heavier dumbbells also on Craig's. I wouldn't mess with clips or locks or anything that would consume the least bit of time or hassle during training.


Spring collars (especially for use with Olympic weights) are usually beyond awful!!....sometimes virtually unusable.

Spin-lock/spiral lock collars on standard db handles are better, though you may have to tighten them up in between sets.

Oly db handles plus the most basic collars are best IMO.


I have regular hex DB up to 50# and oly handles for anything bigger. I use muffler clamps and they work well but are not quick change.

or use these, but make sure and measure the bar end first, they vary a lot.



I bit the bullet for some powerblocks this summer and couldn't be happier. They are expensive when you get into the heavier but I got mine on sale, U-90's for $500 and change.
I still use my OLY DB handles but only for heavy pulling exercises, I don't want anything directly over my head held on by a spring collar.


I have the ironmaster adjustable DBs. I really like them. Very solid. They feel like a regular DB. You can drop them and they won't break etc.

I have the 120lb each version. I think Modok has the set that goes up to 165 lbs each.



This, yep. I'd get a second pair if possible, to cut down on between-set weight changes or to make circuits/supersets a training option.

Also, if it's in the budget, consider grabbing one or two triceps bars.
They're ideal for farmer's walks and one-arm rows.


<---- Half-bodyweight clean/curl and press with a spring collar. Like any gym equipment, if you make sure it's in proper working order before the lift, there's no problem.


Threaded lock collars suck; bang the end hard on the ground once, and you will have to grind down the end to get the collar off.


I priced a set of fixed dumbbells and they are cost prohibitive. I brought the olympic dumbbell handles and just load them up. Works fine. With the 25s you can reach 150lbs and more easy. It can get unwieldy with 25's but they are the best alternative in my opinion. Not sure how many 10's they could handle and if this would be better as my 10s are limited.


You must have better collars than I do, mine slide.


I was thinking the EXACT same thing. I found a classic set for $225 and they're $330 ish on Amazon. I'm going to haggle him down if he ever calls me back.


Not to be a dick, but the same problem exists with barbells and I've never seen anyone complain about it. It takes 30 seconds or so for both dbs, and I don't consider that too much rest.

If you can afford fixed dbs, buy them. But paying 50 bucks to solve all your db needs makes it worth the "hassle". ("Poor college student" speaking)


Really, it's a lot easier to change weight on a barbell than it is a dumbbell and I'm thinking the quickest type of dumbbell is not going to be all that secure.

Never the less you are hot on the trail of my laziness. In my gym I have 3 barbells and a trap bar. The trap bar and the barbell that is alway on the floor are both always loaded with starting weight. One bar is always in the cage ready for squats and the other is on the outside of the cage ready for anything.

You probably missed the thread a few years ago, but I basically went into orgasmic seizures when I got my rolling plate holder (that's right, rolling fucking plate holder). All I need now is one of those lever bars for lifting a bar off the floor to load and unload plates.



I have the Ironmaster DBs too. They are awesome. They change very quickly and have a lifetime warranty.