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Getting Dry, All Advice Welcome

So ive been using AAS for about 8 years, (cycling on and off). Only time im really ON is in the summer for about 5 months. Otherwise i just cruise at 250-300mgs test E a week. I have plenty of knowledge in the gear game but advice is always welcome. Long story short every summer i get very lean. Good separation in all muscles and fairly vascular. I always have a hard time in the getting the “dry/crisp” look. And i would also love to see my vascularity increase. I run what i consider to be a good amount of gear. 1000mg of test E and EQ. 600mgs of tren and masteron, And for the last 3 months i throw in var at 80mgs a day. Like i said fairly good amount. i wouldnt really want to add another compound in unless someone thinks there is something out there that has some real potential to help out. And as far as diet goes, its extremely clean. 6 whole eggs breakfast, 2 meals of chicken, asparagus, and a sweet potato during the day, and usually fish at night. I will be posting this in the nutrition and diet section as well because thats where i really might need more help or could get more advice. Anyone with any comments or suggestions please feel free.

Firstly, I hate it when people think cruising on 250-300mg of test e per week is off, no, you are on year round buddy!

Secondly, great compound choices, are you using the long estered versions or short? - Test p, Tren a and Mast p is my favourite summer combination. I am not really a fan of orals but the obvious choice would be to add in some winny, or injectable of course.

Obviously the guys who are a few weeks out from a show or during their show look dry as hell from killing carbs, dropping test and using dieruretics… This isnt practical for day to day life, but for a photoshoot or short holiday you could use some similar techniques…

Lastly, you are really going to have to cut the carbs real low and cycle them, the only thing keeping you from looking drier is water retention and some body fat…

Do you do any cardio?

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Yeh I do about 45 mins a day. I alternate between incline walking an stairs. Tren is tren p, masteron is mast p. Test is test E. How would you recommends carb cycle. Usually I just keep them low. And yes for guy with just a day or two to get on stage is easier then trying to have the look all summer long.

any dht compound’ll give you that hard look, but you have to be lean enough for it to work. If you have trouble getting dry, you’re probably just fatter than you realise.


See you quite a bit around here was wondering if I could get some advice on my current cycle.

300mg Test Eth
50mg Win ED
.5mg Anavar
40mg Nolvadex
May higher the dosages once I see how I’m responding after the second week

Well you have just posted a fairly weak cycle with no AI or HCG… With no goals/stats etc so what would you like me to say?

Post a new topic with what you want to achieve and we can go from there.

Well, thats a good amount of cardio and a shit tone of gear lol…

So, no reason why you couldnt get shredded on that.

  • Do more cardio, after weight sessions maybe OR lower carbs.
  • Carb cycle, have very low, low, medium and a high day (normally on leg day) and do not have a cheat/refeed until you absolutley need it. You high day on carbs should also not be over 2g of carbs per lb of bw…
  • Get older! Older guys have muscle maturity on their side lol, looks grainer!
  • Add in some clen/t3, i have never used them but they sure as hell work!

Should have learned that from seeing a bunch of people posting that lmao for some reason I can’t post a new topic on this forum on the other it’s fine but under pharma I can’t it’s just a link to t nation supp.
I’m 20 6’00" 215 20%BF dropped down from 280 over the course of two and a half years. I’m tracking everything logging workouts and am just looking to cut down body fat while keeping my muscle mass while possibly adding some. I’ve been training for USMC bootcamp and am set for 5 weeks after this cycle is complete. Which it is an 8 week cycle. Should have made it more clear. What would be viable options as far as adding or dropping certain gear for this stack. This is my first go around and I’ve tried doing as much research as I could before actually committing. It’s crunch time for me.

Well, I dont recomend anyone looking to go into the military to get on gear until they are in.

Before you have passed selection all you need to concentrate on is cardio, bw exercises, functional circuit training and compound lifts… So If I were you I would be hammering all of that and hopefully the gear you are currently running will at least get you a few more pullups!

I would also get and AI and HCG now and then plan to PCT off with nolvadex before you go away… You dont want low T during selection and I dont think Nolvadex is on the kit check list…

Loads of guys think getting jacked is the best way to get in the military, it isnt, its the opposite. The people who do well can eat shit food and little of it, and run for a very very long time while still being able to haul themselves over a few obstacles.

You get jacked when you are in, when the sleep deprived hell is over and you got hours each day to chill and hit the gym… apart from on tour or exercise of course.

And how do I know this? Becuase I was the gym rat on Royal Marine Commando selection… And I sucked lol. Obviously smashed the pull ups press ups etc, but you try being a gym rat and then being woken up at 4am, given some chips for breakfast and then trying to yomp 30miles in kit over rough terrain… with no protein breaks!

Understand that completely, I am getting in a shit tom of cardio and sticking to HIIT workouts and only doing Olympic lifts at lighter weights for muscular endurance. As for the the sleep and food deprivation I currently work graveyard and and intermediate fasting in preparation for those scenarios. I also hike often and when I say hike 50lbs or more in a rucksack for 12+ miles usually. I know a bunch of people trying to get jacked and go but I know it’s not the way to go. More muscle means more weight to carry over courses. I’m just trying to lean out some before taking off. My PT scores are at standards if not better already it’s just I want to be at my best during selection. I commend you for your service by the way. I will be the American version of your branch haha

I never served, psoriatic arthritis flare up in both knees was the end of me lol, went back to being a gym rat!

Good luck.

And just to be clear, are you getting/have an AI and HCG? Do you know how to PCT off?

I am now planning on it but yes I have PCT ready after and enough time to do it. Sorry to hear man must have been tough.