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Getting Drunk w/ Least Damage to Progress


Ok i am gonna be drinking tomorrow night and i am guessing that a bottle of triple distilled vodka would be the way to go? any other things i should know if i want to recover quickly and do least amount of damage to my bodybuilding routine progress? Not drinking is out of the question!


just drink and have fun dude


yeah but its now been 3 weekends in a row and if im gonna do it that much then i might as well do it least damaging way as possible.


Hmmm. Well its apparent that your health and physique come 2nd when it comes to priorities.
Why do you need to drink 3 weeks in a row? Are you planning on drinking the whole bottle?
Why cant you go out, and have 4-6 drinks and still have fun? Do you need to be plastered to have fun?

These are all the questions you must ask yourself. My poison of choice is Johnny Walker Black mixed with Pepsi Max. Although I might indulge once or twice a month. Not 3 weekends in a row.
Good luck kiddo.

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Going out in byron since i live pretty close to it and everyone one els gets smashed so it sucks if im not as well. i also prefer to buy a bottle and just take a flast since its like $8 just for a fuckin extra dry!

wtf is tweet weet?


does OP even look like he works out?


Alright bro. here's the trick....

Most hard liquor is 65 cals an ounce. Just mix your hard stuff, with diet drinks..such as coke or tonic water.

If you're a lightweight...mix your drinks weak. Put 1.5 oz of hard liquor and ice, in a 16oz glass fill with diet mixer of your choice

vodka and diet tonic water and a lime

whiskey, I prefer bourbon and diet coke

Those low cal beers taste like piss water.

If you don't booze much, what ever you do don't get in a drinking comp with a hard boozing SOB...you will lose and feel awful the next day...


Based on a few of the threads I recall him starting...no, it's likely that drinking is the very least of his worries.


looks like a god-damned kangaroo to me


Tonic has 124 cals in 12oz.

Might as well drink guiness like a man, at that point.


x2 for the Guinness. Has fewer calories than most would think.

As for the OPs question, Martin Berkhan has a pretty good article about just this topic.

I've used this strategy in the past and it seems to work pretty well.


I think he said diet tonic water


Dont see what that has to do with this topic?


Do YOU look like you workout? Because if you did, then you'd probably understand.


I said diet tonic water or diet soda. Guinness is tasty and low calorie.


There are multiple alcoholics in this thread.


You called?

Everyone knows you've got to drink protein vodka when you go out.


haha, bro you're just pist you can't buy booze legally!

I prefer drunk and I've got the visceral fat to prove it! hahaha


Here's the rub:

  1. Limit fat intake on the day you're gonna booze

  2. Limit carb intake on the day you're gonna booze

  3. Eat enough protein (let's say 1g/lb) but not too much, since you want overall caloric intake to be somewhat restricted on this day.

  4. Pick smart drinks

Alcohol does not contribute significantly to fat gain by itself. It gets converted into acetate in your body, which the body senses is a poison and rushes to metabolize it. While doing so it puts the brakes on digesting all of the other real food you've eaten, making it more likely to be stored as adipose tissue.

The only other problem with alcohol is it causes disinhibition of dietary restraint (AKA binging on pizza late at night like a mofo).

I've done a lot of research on this andit IS POSSIBLE to drink occasionally (and get downright plastered, in fact) and still look good, get stronger, etc. etc. I just wish I had figured this shit out in college...


Yeah, goto Martin Berkhans Leangains web site and under "Most Popular" choose: "The truth about alcohol, fat loss and muscle growth". At the end of his article, he tells you what to do to prevent fat gain. It's basically what SHARKinafishbowl outlined.