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Getting Dizzy...


Ok I believe I know what the problem is but when I get under a heavy squat or when I power Clean a near max wieght I get very dizzy. On the Squats I am dizzy as soon as I unrack the wieght and take a step back once I stand there for a few seconds I catch my composure but it is very unsettling for few moiments. Also as soon as I get the power Clean racked I feel very dizzy.

I am pretty sure its just pressure building but, I am trying to figure out if there are ways I can fix this as I don't want to pass out or fall over trying to squat or trying to catch a clean and I feel like the extra time it takes to actually get to squating I am losing strength just standing there.

Any suggestions.


Breathe dude! Make sure you are breathing out with excertion.

Other than that your body just has to adapt to stress.


Sounds like you aren't breathing enough, make sure to take a deep breath on your set up.


You can breathe when you have a heavy load on your back, I prefer not to fold up like a pretzel.


I have experienced this too w/ cleans and snatches. I've had to take a knee before because I got real woozy. I have started breathing out a real sharp hsssss on my recovery. It helps...

Check out at about 55 seconds:


I tend not to get dizzy on squats, but I do on deadlifts, especially near the lockout. I think this is because I am straining really hard to complete the deadlift, but if I can get my squats out of the hole they just fly up.
It may help you to add quarter squats and extra heavy rack work in the squat to get stronger with the heavy weight near the top. Maybe bands or chains on the full range movement sometimes will help also.


You could be looking at a Valsalva maneuver by holding your breath. Be careful bro...


And unless you have heart trouble or blood pressure problems what is wrong with a Valsalva? As I said, you can breathe with 500 lbs. on your back but I much prefer to remain unfolded into a pretzel.