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Getting Dialed In vs Brain Chemicals/Addictions

I see here many guys start TRT and struggle for many months to get “dialed in” lower dose, higher dose, once a week, twice a week, ED, EOD, add AI, drop AI, then they start looking somewhere else like thyroid, multivitamins from A to Z and so on, I was wondering how many of these guys have some kind of addiction, weed, porn, internet, alcohol, and other heavy drugs, as far as I know these kind of addiction messes up with the brain creating a “resistance” to pleasure, like excess sugar in the long run creates “resistance” to insulin, if thats the root of your problem you can have ALL the protocols for TRT it won’t fix your problem, I would like to hear opinions here and specially from people struggling for months to get dialed in

Well I was a heavy(ish) alcohol user for the first couple of years on TRT, and the prior 20+, but I would say I was dialed in maybe 12-18 months before I quit booze. I no longer “needed” it.

I think part of the problem is that you dont really know what to expect when your hormones are where they need to be. A lot of people are suffering from depression because their hormones are so low and find ways of self medicating. So are they addicted to other substances because of low hormones? “Dialing in” is pretty subjective.

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Makes sense your point of view, maybe some addictions hits the brain harder than others too, but when hormones are out of range I agree people may be more into addictions in general

A large portion of guys on TRT get on and feel good enough to not seek out more info. Most people here are here because they struggle to get dialed in. Many of which struggle because the information they base their protocols on is not great. Then over time they develop fears or just believe certain things that keep them from actually trying what would work. Another big issue is patience. Everyone wants to inject once and be fixed. You rarely see people give each protocol change 2-3 months to work before changing. Plus there’s a problem where the people that are actually giving the advice are not well themselves but somehow feel okay with dispensing advice. The person seeking the advice doesn’t know any better and figures if this guy is giving advice then surely he has his shit figured out. There’s also the guys that are in a perpetual state of feeling just a bit better than “not okay” that don’t realize they could be on a whole other level of good.


True, lack of patience stands out in most of these guys struggling

Leave porn out of this

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