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Getting Derailed from 'This Lifestyle'


Hi friends,

This week I re-injured my back and had a hard long week at work. So I didn't train this week, felt unmotivated and spent the week eating pizza and drinking beer. I suppose the cold and dark weather down under did not help with my un- motivated mood.

Anyway, this thread is to discuss how often do you get derailed from this "lifestyle"? What factors cause you to derail? He do you cope with such events? And how do you/ and what gets you back on track?!



Back like 3 years ago I lost someone very close to me, it devastated me. I completly fell off of the health and fitness wagon, start smoking again, drinking heavily, and eating pizza and chicken like 10 times a day. I didn't see the inside of a gym for about 8 months. What got me going again was one day I was flipping through some pictures I had from back when i was lifting, and compared it side by side with how i looked at the present. needless to say it was a shockingly sad difference.

So I finally broke out the old barbells and dumbbells i had stuffed in the closet and began going at it again. Now I'm back in a local gym, bigger and healthier than ever, and I have never looked back. It took me a while to realize that it wasn't that person who made me love fitness, I just did.


Was working in the Kitchen at a restaurant Saturday and cleaved straight through a few layers of my left (dominant) palm of my hand, luckily didn't hit tendons or any such thing, taken the week off so far because I can't even hold a bar with it, just letting it heal. Considered cauterizing it just so I could keep on working and maybe go to the gym without it splitting back open, but decided to let it come about normally. Luckily because I stay active my immune system is getting at it quicker than it normally would, but still taking time. It's not severe and shouldn't put me out much longer.

I guess I just find things to do outside of the injury, I can't hold a barbell without pain (push nor pull) so 80% of my training staples are already out of the window, and I can't stick to unilaterals on my right side for the obvious imbalances, so I just do some pistol squats and sprints every now and then until it gets better. But then again it's not a back injury and it won't set me out for a considerable amount of time, or interfere with much activities past weightlifting, so I guess I'm not in much of a position to be depressed about it.

I'd find something that won't nag at it, maybe try to get a new rep max for pullups or something, that won't compress it and fuck it up more. Maybe even reconsider dietary options or plan out new training cycles/take a lot of time to look over weaknesses, it'll keep your mind focused in on it and you'll be able to plan out improvements even if you can't physically do all that much, sometimes I take a rest day to do that anyway, but a week or more focusing on the optimum environment for when you jump back in could work wonders.

Also movies, always movies.


I like to waterski and mountain bike, both of which can lead to nasty crashes or wipeouts. I've had several mt biking crashes that have injured my right shoulder and derailed my training for several weeks and even up to a couple months. The waterskiing wipeouts are almost worse though. I've never broken anything or been knocked out or anything like that while waterskiing, but sometimes a wipeout at a high speed, like cutting across the wake really hard while the boat is doing 30+mph, just takes a lot out of the whole body. It's like being in a car wreck.


you can always train legs, try using the safety squat bar, I cut my hand open last year and that bar allowed me to still go at it while i had stitches......and definatly lots of movies....


Hi Birdy.

Backs are bitches, so sorry to hear you've got one.

Whenever you think about stopping or giving in, just pause and think about all those smug bastards who've ever hung it on you, doubted you or were just plain hopeing to see you fail...

Every time you train is just like spitting in their eyes.

Get into it.


Every time you train is just like spitting in their eyes.

best quote ever


And I plan to die from dehydration.


Lets do this.

They don't call me theBird for nothing.



I've herniated 2 discs in my back that I occasionally flare up. Deadlifts are the main culprit but I'm too stupid to throw them out entirely (Derek Poundstone also has 2 herniated discs and he keeps going!!).

The first time it happened, I was bed-ridden for a few weeks, out of the gym for over a month. I've found that things like reverse hypers, hyperextensions, etc to get blood into the area have been great at helping me get back in earlier. My friend has to have a second microdiscectomy done (removing herniated disc) but in the meantime he continues to bound the bench press variations and pullup variations.

In regards to Kahuna's hand, they make hook grips you can use that fit in the palm of your hand and greatly diminish the amount of weight actually in your hand. I used that when I had 3 surgeries on a broken finger. I was still able to do just about everything just had to be careful as I would slip occasionally and hit my finger.


Yeah I thought about that because one of my training partners uses it to get a little more out of his deadlifts sometimes, but it still seems like there'd be the issue of hand pressure in pressing movements that the hooks wouldn't be able to compensate for. If it gets too bad and I'm out of the gym for far longer than I care to expend, I'll glue it together or something and get one of my gym friends to load the bar for me, then maybe just squat every day or so, maybe even daily front squats if that's out of the question.

Not a bad idea for things like deadlifts or rows though, I shall head to the gym again at the start of next week and if it's still opened up I'll borrow from my buddy. Thank you for the suggestion.


Relationships. They pretty much send me off the deep end, to the point where I used to not date, just so I could maintain my diet and training. They either fuck with my training schedule, present unplanned dietary detours, or drive me to compulsive emotional eating.


I think a lot of us have had something in our lives, whether personal reasons or injury that has affected us. I have recently had a hamstring injury which was niggling for a good 2 months, as well as our squad falling apart meaning I couldn't race in a competitive crew as well as the stress of final exams. Gradually training motivation was killed as well as the fact rowing, running and any exercises like squats and deadlift were out of my program for a while till my hamstring recovered. I ate more takeaways over 1 month than I had in the past 2 years.

What recovered my motivation was looking in the mirror and seeing years of hard work slowly going to waste and joining a new club. The new environment coupled with renewed drive has done wonders, and everything is back on track. I have changed back to 531 for athletes, enjoying rowing again and got both land training and diet back on track and once again I am enjoying seeing progressive improvement.

The biggest thing is to remember why you do this in the first place and keep that in mind even through the difficult times and sure enough your drive will come back and you will not harm your progress. Injury sucks, and I hope it doesn't hold you back for too long.


I love this video for motivation to help prevent derailing from your goal. Don't miss the chance to be successful.


Sorry to hear about your back, man.

I think everybody needs a week every now and then where they forget about training all together. The reality is not much will happen. You aren't gonna shrink to nothing and your strength will not be affected.

I've recently gotten derailed from the lifestyle in the sense that I went from training 5-6 days a week to training 2-4. Why? I have been fishing every chance I get. I have lost some weight from baking in the sun for hours on end but honestly I feel happier.

I'm comfortable enough with myself to admit that I will probably never be a detazathoth, Waylanderxx, or csulli (his wild dog fighting skills are just beyond comprehension). So why endlessly run myself into the ground ? I think having a time of year that I relax and train somewhat infrequently is great for my mental and physical health.

Just my two cents anyway.


Training has been the only constant in my life (other than my parents I guess) for the last 18 years. I've been doing it so long I don't know how to not do it.

I don't know if that's good or bad, and I don't really think it means I'm more dedicated or better that anyone else, it just kinda is.

I guess diet has been a different story, but even that is becoming a constant as time goes on.


Thanks for your inspiration my friends. Although not 100%, I feel that my back s on its way back to recovery.

I think I will just have to delete squatting from my lifting altogether.



I wiped out once waterskiing and my rear foot slipped out of the boot and caught the water, causing me to do a forced splits. The tear to my hamstring was horrific, with the whole thing turning purple from knee to groin. I still have a 2-1/2" divot in my hammy. Needless to say it was a while before I could waterski again.


I tend to derail every 3-4 months, mostly due to depression but also exhaustion and feeling generally shitty. I work anywhere from 12-16 hours a day, 6 days a week (sometimes 7), in a country where I don't know anyone, don't particularly like it, and have zero friends. Oh, and flaring up old injuries, but mostly the depression.

I always find that the most difficult part is that first trip back to the gym; once I've been once and started up again, it's all good (well, for another few months anyway).


Thats interesting my friend.

I have been wondering if there is a mental component to it all. I find that there is more chance of me braking down or old injuries resurfacing when I have been over-working/feeling tired. I have read articles linking lower back issues with depression.

I hope you find some new friends. Where do you live? what do you do for work?

Uncle Bird.