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Getting Definition

hey guys,
i need help defining my muscle mass
like im a build guy, and with a shirt on i look pretty dam big
but once it comes off, everything seems less impressive
in short, my muscles look big, but you can’t really see each isolated one
id like to have that ripped look were you can see differnt areas arms, defined pecks so on and so fourth instead of just “big”

umm…lose fat…water weight…and maybe get a tan…

That’s the tricky part, mentally dealing with feeling less ‘big’ while you cut. I always freak when I drop below 2 bills, even through I look better without the shirt (but it feels horrible when clothes fit baggy! -lol)


Like already said. for definition you need a low bodyfat so that the fat isnt hiding are smoothing out the appearance of your muscle. follow a nutrition plan that supports fat loss and train in the 3-8 rep range in order to preserve muscle mass. either do steady state cardio, anaerobic work (e.g. sprints) or both.

links to fat loss diets


training for fat loss

i play football,
thats my main reason for training
now im planing on doing this in season (while im not trying to gain in the gym)
but by doing a fat cut, i wont perpetuait any loses will i?
like by cutting fat, it wont ruin my strength…

I’ve always heard that if you use proper nutrition while cutting the fat, your strength shouldn’t disappear, and that by dropping the excess weight you should improve your speed and agility.

Hmnnn I gotta say that I can’t imagine that being on a caloric deficit would help your performance any.


What position do you play?
There aren’t many good linebackers who possess the physique of an underwear model.

So whats more important for your position, speed and agility or raw power?

I suggest you mix in more hypertrophy with your football powertraining. The best way to see well designed muscles is to lose fat through cardio and diet. However if you play football, I’m sure they need you at a certian weight.

Unless your a wide reciever it would be detrimental for you to drop too much weight if your a starter at your position. If you do my intermittent hypertrophy training in between all your football training, you will at least have the chance of having more muscle with the same amount of fat which will lower your fat percentage a bit.

i play rush end,(picture shawn marriman)
so speed and power and agility are all
personally speed is my main weapon
equally needed
however, my current weight is 224 pounds at just under 6’2 and around 20% body fat,
my coachs say agree that fat is an enemy (extra weight you need to carry around, slows you down)

and i do plan to cut in season with when my weight training drops to really just maintaing (2 sessions a week)

current plan is to cut excess calories out of my diet, and get on a fat burner

hypertrophic? oppsoite of aprophy? explain please…

two a days give enough of a cardio regeme to cut fat.

[quote]MC sp3 wrote:
What position do you play?
There aren’t many good linebackers who possess the physique of an underwear model.

Maybe not an “underwear model”, but a bodybuilder with visible abs and low bodyfat, yes.