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Getting Daily Protein from Vegan Powder

Hello guys,

I am not a vegan but I started to have problem with lactose. I don’t have a big appetite and because of lack of time I have to be on smoothies during the day (which is fine and it suits me).
So basically I have one big meal a day (dinner) and 2 smoothies. So I have to have a vegan proteins powders. Brown bio rice, hemp and pumpkin protein powders.
Its bad/ok to receive almost 60% daily protein from powders? Thanks

It’s certainly not ideal to get the majority of your protein from powders. If you are healthy and working out and don’t feel like eating except once a day, this might indicate something being off or wrong. Your body should crave nutrients and calories to match your activity level and metabolism, and what you listing as your day of eating looks more like a Jenny Craig menu.

That all said, I think supplementing with protein is fine to an extent. I usually 1-2 scoops of whey each day, and while that might be superior to vegan sources for muscle gain, vegan sources would be fine to supplement but NOT as the main source.

Probably not optimal, but certainly good enough. Just try to get a good portion of meat in your one big meal and youll be leaving little to nothing on the table. It sounds like your protein is a blend rather than one source like pure pea or pure rice who h definitely helps.

If you’re really concerned just have more total protein which will reduce the lack in any specific amino acid.

I like vegan protein powders instead of whey sometimes. The vegan powder I drink feels like real food, so to speak.

Would recommend trying to add more whole foods. Do consider overall nutrition, will help in the long run.

You’re vegetarian? -can you eat fish and eggs?

I’d try some of the egg drinks. musclegg seems to be getting a lot of hype lately

Humapro is really good stuff also