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Getting Cut


i have been traing for 2.5 months now. i have become a lot stronger but i want to be able to see my muscles. especially in my arms, shoulders and abs. any advice?


Yes, keep lifting.


Ok, your profile says you are 4'9, 85 lbs at 14-17% bodyfat. I'm really hoping you're a women. Even at 4'9 that would seem light (?). You might want to consider at moderate bulk to add some muscle.


Be patient! You've only just begun. Most improvements in the first few months are neural improvements. Then, from 3 months to a year, is when you will see real muscular gains, provided your diet is in order.


I agree 2.5 months is NOTHING in the scheme of things. People work out for Decades and still are in search of a better physique. Not saying that they havent obtained a damn fine one Im just saying its a long haul a life style.

Give it time. adjust your diet to your goals. You might consider posting more detail on your diet and training if you want more help/input. The more detailed the better.


I have to disagree somewhat. Of course, there is an incredible amount of neural adaptation in the beginning months of training. But it's also a time when the potential for hypertrophy is huge, and this should be capitalized upon. If it's not occuring, I think the culprit is diet. I gained 12 lbs of muscle in my first summer of solid training and really wasn't eating a proper bulking diet at all (out of ignorance). I can't imagine what my gains would have been like at this opportunate time if I had been. Of course, a women will not expereince rapid gains in the same way as a newbie man. But if weight gain is the goal, it will happen with proper attention to diet.


first of all i'm a guy.second of all my bodyfat is 9or10% i must of put that wrong.


85 lbs. and you can't see muscle? At that weight you should be able to see your heart beating through your skin.


How old are you?



Hey dude, I gotta agree with Phill on this. 2.5 months isn't long at all. My younger brother just started lifting last month. I teach him a new lift every few days, but because he's not used to them, it's hard for him to increase weight and thus add size. The more you practice your lifts and the more proficient you become, the more you can push yourself and the more gains you will see.

What lifts are you doing? What set/rep scemes? Check out Chad Waterburys articles. His stuff works great.

Don't get discouraged. Good luck.



Well from another thread this kid is apparently 11!

IF this is true, I am glad that he is concerned about fitness. However, what kind of 11 year old knows his body fat percentage?

To secramour1: Just play sports and have fun bud. You seem to be interested in martial arts and gymnastics, so keep persuing those. Those will not only get you in great shape but help build a lean, strong, functional body.



best advice on here!

Be active, have fun, be a kid.

Dude, if you're trying to get chicks by being ripped and huge at 11 years old... wow... that's impressive, but really, just have some fun.

Get off the internet and go play some basketball or baseball. Really start to attack the weights once your in highschool.

DO NOT try and cut, you're young and restricting calories will screw you over BIG TIME in the long run of things.



YES. You're 11. Just enjoy yourself and be active and eat well. Worry about the weights in a few years. Chances are you will play a competitive sport, and your weight training will be built in. If you really want to start now, make sure that you are lifting in a safe manner. And don't go excessively heavy.


I was looking at exrx today and i saw some books they have out there for kids around your age. I say you stop at the library and looking for 'youth lifting' or 'youth strength' (or something like that) on the computer. you should find some good books with programs to help you out.


At 11, this kid types better than most of the people on here.