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Getting Cut

I’ve been working out now for about four years, i have gotten noticably bigger and stronger through out the four years. Yet with size i have not gotten the definition, i’m looking for, even with adding cardio to my workouts three times a week.
I’ve heard alot about winstrol and how well it works, but i might be subject to a drug test in the next couple of monthes. I was wondering if anyone has any idea of what i can take in its place which will not come up on a drug test, or how long it takes for winstrol to get out of ur system. Thanks

Uh, maybe you just forgot to mention it, but you have tried one of them there “diets” before, right? (My suggestion: The T-Dawg Diet with Methoxy-7 and MD6 or at least an ECA stack.)

Why not try a diet first? I strongly recommend a ketogenic diet to start. You may be surprised by the results, not only that but you won’t have to worry about a drug test.

Hello. SInce in order to get caught you will need a calorie deficient diet which will trigger hunger-pangs, and depression I would suggest to talk to a Doctor and to subscribe for you a medicine called Asenlix Clobenzorex which would control your appettite and increase your self esteem while your in the diet. Remember the hunger pangs, and attitudes are all mental, so with Asenlix you will control your appettite and get caught easily, bodibuilders take appettite supressants when they are dieting. Will power alone, will defeat you, because hunger accumulates. I mean that the first day you are in the diet you are ok, but after a week or two you’ll get depressed and really hungry.

Eat right and you will lose fat. Enough said.