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Getting CUT!

If getting cut takes balls, doing it yourself must take titanium balls.

Unless I had some medical training, I wouldnt do it. But thats me. Everyone`s mileage may differ.

Let us know how it goes when you get back into action, Uncle B. :wink:

Why the fuck would you do it yourself?
Anyway, it’s already done.For free, thanks to Ontario Health Care :slight_smile:

MD - Would you like to be my first? :slight_smile:

Uncle B, I thought you were already seeing someone. :-o

Welcome to the club UB.
This thread reminded me of that scary movement of “men” that claim they’ve been traumatized due to being circumsised as babies.
If you’ve lived your whole life with a cut dick, how would you have any idea of what you might be missing?
These guys should have their cocks and balls repossessed for being hypersensitive little bitches.
My brother is uncut and it’s been nothing but trouble for him.
As kids, he’d get infections around the foreskin and my mom would have to clean his junk more thoroughly and when he got older, my mom would always ask him if he remembered to wash his peni real good. lol. Talk about traumatic!!
Now as an adult, he has a harder time getting BJ’s and has to explain to girls why his dick looks different than most.

I was joking. Seen the episode of Nip and Tuck?

Ahhh damn! Ya caught me!
I’m not sure that relationship is gonna work out though.She lives 2 hours away so I can only see her every 2nd weekend because of work schedules.
Who knows, I may be available soon MD!

Uncle B, post a pic on the hot T-men thread already. :wink:

I’ll see what I can do MD :slight_smile:

On a more serious note, I took the bandage off this morning.Everything was okay except it was stuck to the frenulum and wouldn’t come loose.I didn’t want to tear it off so I went to the hospital.When I got there I changed into the hospital gown and when I sat down on the bed the bandage pulled loose.Didn’t hurt but it started bleeding all over!By the time the doctor got in there the bleeding had pretty much stopped so he just cleaned it up and sent me on my way.
I got home and fell asleep on the couch.When I woke up I had an erection and I was soaked with blood!The erection must have stretched the frenulum and made it start bleeding again.I don’t really have any choice but to keep a bandage on it for now but I don’t want it to get stuck again so I bought bandage that isn’t supposed to stick to wounds but I’m not sure how good it’s gonna work.
Is there anything that will prevent the bandage from sticking?
Also is there any way to stop getting erections? Every time I go to sleep I get one.

Uncle B, you’re a man. You’re supposed to wake up with an erection. LOL

Looks like I’m out of the woods! I just woke up with a big boner and it wasn’t bleeding at all.Looks like the doc did a good job.
MD, I know you love hearing about my new hammer! :slight_smile:

Uncle B, my interest in your new hammer is purely clinical. :-PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

Yes I know, I know!

How long do dissolvable stitches take to dissolve? Damn things are prickly!

…which brings me to my next question: when can you start jerking off again?

Recovery is 6 weeks.Yikes! I’ve heard of guys having a wank after 4 weeks but I guess everyone’s different.That’s gonna be the hardest part about this whole thing.I just got back from grocery shopping and pretty much every chick that went by started to give me a boner.Also, I’m not used to being “uncovered” so it’s still really sensitive - just the rubbing agains’t my underwear gives me a semi-chubb.
I’m not sure if I’m gonna jerk off first or have sex first.I might save that first monster load for my girlfriend!HEE HEE! Aren’t I nice? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck man, avoid all female contact and all images of hot women, don’t wanna pop any stitches.

Well it’s been a month since the surgery. I saw my doctor on Friday and he gave me the green light to have sex!
Last night I went to see my girlfriend and it was absolutely amazing!
It actually felt alot different than it did before I was cut.The head of my penis was a little less sensitive because of it being “uncovered” all the time but it wasn’t much different in that aspect.I did get alot more sensation from the rest of the shaft though.Instead of sliding within my own skin I could feel my girl more.More friction between the two of us.
She said that it felt better for her also! She was very happy :slight_smile:
So everything turned out good.I would definitely do it again if I had to make the choice.

Uncle B, glad to hear everything worked out and in(side) for you. :wink: