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Getting cut?

I just found out that my girlfreind and I are going to Mexico in January. I was on a Mag-10 bulking cycle and currently my body fat is at 13%. I need to get cut before I go. I have six weeks. Any suggestions as far as training and cardio. How about supplements. Should I stay on the MAG-10? I hate to cut my calories to much and loose the muscle I have added on the cycle, but I probably cut out my carbs.

You may want to look into the Fat Fast. I’m going to start it in about two weeks. I’ve read a good bit of positive things said about it.

Who cares about getting cut if you’re going with your girlfriend? It’s not like you’re going to pick up chicks with her around. If you’re not done with your bulking cycle, don’t cut it short for a trip. If you are done and looking to cut, hit the FAQ section for tips on diet and a new workout program.

In general, consume adequate amounts of protein drink plenty of water and eliminate processed foods. Keep in check consumption of calories. Low to moderate carbs are advised.

I would be consuming some type of L glutamine and some type of ephedrine based product.

Thank you
Coach Hale