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Getting Cut Without Cardio?


Isa it physically possible to get cut up without doing any cardio? I really hate running and any other sort of cardio, I've never liked it on bit, so if anyone can give me some input on this it'd be cool.


ya a lot of people have done that, a lot of it depends on your genetic leanness. You might need a ton of cardio, while others need none whatsoever its very individual.

If you don't want to do any cardio then make sure your diet is straight as an arrow, it should be regardless but especially if you don't want to do cardio.


Agree, but I'm going to take it one degree higher. If you plan on getting truly "cut" without cardio... your diet had better be goddamn immaculate.


Ya I can see where ur both coming from, guess I'll just have to do some cardio. How much would either of you recommend per day, and how hard should I go?


Try sprints. 25 yards with 1 minute breaks inbetween sets

10 sets total.

This will take place of 1 leg day. So it most likely be done every 10 days according to the article.

Train legs then sprint for cycles.

Every sprint day add a set of 25 yards until you hit 15 sets. Then do 10 sets with previously written protacol, take a 10 minute break. Stretch and try to pump olut 10 more sets......

You will love these, hahahaha, trust meh.

Clean diet and a gallon of water a day. Just what the doctor ordered.....


Again, this kind of depends on your body type. Start with as little cardio as you need initially to start losing. If you're someone who holds on to and gains weight very easily, this might be 5-7 days a week. If you're like some fuckers I know and are don't hold on too fat too easily, 2-3 steady state sessions per week may only be necessary, like a 15-minute elliptical/stair climber session post-workout for 15 minutes, or something like that.

As you get leaner, it'll probably start being time to implementing sprints once or twice a week. Doing sled/prowler work if available OR car pushes as an alternative.

I know it's not a very "sound" recommendation, but I have no idea what you look like, how developed you are, etc.


Google screw cardio by Shugs.


SSC I'm 5'11 205, the only problem area's I'm looking to get rid of while getting cut is basically my legs. I've got some strong legs I tried to not lift legs for a while and just do moderate cardio to see if that would help, dropping fat and weight isn't a problem for me since last september/october I've droppped 50 pounds. I mean I did my first leg workout the other day since about 8 months ago and ripped through a set of heavy squats at 450 with ease, but I'm not seeing any noticeable results.


Pics and/or videos.