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Getting Cut up

Whats goin on. I have been a dedicated weight lifter for about 4 years now. About all that I do is powerlift so I’ve got great size. But what I’ve been wanting to do lately is get cut up. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get cut up pretty quick other than low weight and high repetitions???

Search Engine. If you need synonyms for “getting cut up”, just ask.

Um, low weight and high reps will NOT get you cut. Ever. It’s an ancient fallacy that needs to be put to bed.

Do a search at T-Mag. What you want is the T-Dawg Diet V. 2.0, coupled with some Meltdown Training. This combo should get you losing some serious fat.

Hope this helps.

Short Answer:
There are a few great workouts for getting cut and not losing much strength. Currently I am having awesome success with Mike Mahler’s High octane cardio (heavy bag variation) 3x/week, olympic lifts from CT’s article Behind the Iron Curtain 2x/week and 1x/week or 1x every 10 days depending on how I feel I do sprints from CT’s Running Man article. Don’t worry about getting too weak only lifting 2x/week… Get the fat off then you can always get big again. Diet is lean protein/fat every meal except during and post workout. Every so often I carb up in the mornings. Breaking workouts up to 2 sessions a day works well too as it ups your metabolism and allows you two carb sessions per day. I’ve also just started hot rox and I believe it’s helping. Other workouts/articles that are good are Don Alessi’s Meltdown Training I and II, John Berardi’s Winning Formula, Charles Staley’s EDT Lose the Fat Keep the Strength, Joel Marion’s 5x5 program, John Davies Fat to Fire. I would say lift 2 days a week for a while and do one day of cardio and 3 days of anaerobic interval type training. Let me know if you have more questions.

getting “cut” is more about your nutrition than it is your training. Add in some cardio, and clean up your eating and cut total calories back each day. Your training dosen’t really needt o change.

It’s your diet, stupid!"

And don’t forget to do some sprinting and/or GPP to help accelerate the fat loss. You can still powerlift and add some of Christian T’s info from “The Running Man” article (previous issue of T-mag, March 7).

And there are some cool supplements like Hot Rox that were made specifically for helping to get lean!

Check it!

High reps, low weight is certainly not the way to go. Please read the following article:

I’ll also post something from a Training Mythology article I wrote (when I get home and have access to my documents) that speaks specifically about the issue at hand.


Here’s the quote from Pavel Tsatsouline that I wanted to throw up as well:

“Your muscle fibers are like mouse traps-they go off by themselves, but need energy to be reset to contract again. A dead body is out of ATP, the energy compound that relaxes the muscles…A high rep workout exhausts ATP in your muscle and leads to temporary hardness…The only way to make such ‘tone’ last is by killing yourself.”

So who’s up for lethal injections after a nice, long, burning set of 20? Didn’t think so.

And the really sad part? This same guy is asking about steroids on the drug forum.


TEK U got to be kidding… Dude work on your diet…

Be glad your arse isn’t any toastier than it already is.

High reps = Cuts? Jesus.

I like to grab some little ass weights and pound out a couple of 200 rep sets for each body part, 6 times a week. Works for me.