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getting cut for summer

hey looking for info as regards diet is it ok to eat pasta ,
bread etc while trying to loose body fat and get the six pack showing.
have cut pasta and bread from diet still getting some carbs from

What diets have you tried before and what was the result?

Read the T-dawg diet…that’s effective. Just take it slow and think in terms of cutting over a 2-3 month period instead of 4 weeks. Pasta is ok after a workout, and as for other times, along with the bread, it depends on your activity level, type of work you do, etc.

Genetics play a BIG role as well…

It can be done as long as your total calories for the day are less than you expend and you have very good insulin sensitivity.

It depends how you handle gluten, you may find you look leaner if you cut out foods containing gluten. For some people it can make them look thick skinned.

Like others have stated it is very dependent on you, and your personal genetic.

I am a former low carb junkie who has graduated to T-dawg and had great success.

Lived on that for around a year, maintaining and then bulking. Then about 5 weeks ago I started a cutting phase along with ditching my carb fears finally and have had great success.

All types of diets have there place and approach for each individual. Some simply responde better than others to differing types.