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Getting Creatine to Dissolve

im 13 years old and have been taking creatine for the past 6 months im getting tired of it not mixing up and sinking straight to the bottom of the glass. does anyone have any tricks up there sleeves to get this stuff to dissolve.

also is it best to take before or after my workouts. i only take about 5.5 grams a day for i dont want my body to stop its own production of creatine as this is the myth that goes around. is this true? and should i be taking any more than this amount?

just to inform anyone on here whos gonna tell me im to young to be taking this yes i no im to young but im not a little pu**y mommys boy. im pretty mature for my age

so thanks any advice would be greatly appreciated

Don’t mix it in water. Toss the powder in your mouth then use the water to wash it down. Take it after your workout. It won’t shut down your production.

And at 13 you don’t need to prove anything, so don’t worry about reassuring anyone about your maturity. Show people that by reading, listening, learning, being disciplined, and reaching your goals.

i wouldnt recommend taking creatine at 13

[quote]DroppinPlates wrote:
i wouldnt recommend taking creatine at 13[/quote]

why not?

To solve the “mystery” about having too much creatine is here: When you have “too much” you just piss it out and your body gets used to the excess and does “quit” making its own because its used to you supplying it. Creatine stays in your system for about a month then flushes out after a while and then your body kicks in again…

Not to change the subject…

Does it matter what time of the day you take creatine on your off days?

When I used it, on my days off, it was in the morning at breakfast, and before I went to bed.

I take mine with dinner (which is about the same time as I would take it post workout)