Getting Close To PCT

Hey guys,

So short & sweet, I’m getting close to finishing my first 12week cycle, currently on week 10. Age 24, 210lbs.

I did 400mg of Test E a week and 60mg of Anavar/daily throughout. I’ve been taking Arimadex since week 4. Everything has gone well so far, although I have noticed hair thinning on top and at the hairline… From reading a bit, seems I should have bought a DHT blocker such as Propecia or Proscar? Could someone shine some light on this please? Also, main question of the thread, what else should I be grabbing for PCT, doses and time to take? Thanks.

Anabolics increase DHT which leads to thinning hair if you are prone to it genetically. It can speed up the process. Yes a DHT blocker would have helped with that but too late. Your DHT will come down now that you are done. For PCT you need access to HCG and nolvadex of just nolvadex. Read the top sticky on the TRT forum and scroll down to HPTA restart.

So should my hair somewhat return back to what it was? It’s not terrible, but noticeable enough to me. Will check the sticky, thanks.

You started a cycle and didn’t have pct on hand?

Not likely. Hair loss is typically permanent.

Nope… The “friend” that I got everything from at the start hardly helped in many ways. I didn’t really even do much research until I actually started. Now realizing that I missed a lot of important and crucial information.

Do not take Propecia. Period. Your hair is not more important than having a functioning libido. The more data that comes out about that drug the worse it looks. Guys are getting ED that lasts for years after taking Propecia for as little as a few months.

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I’m guessing the “friend” also happened to be the supplier.

PCT should be Nolva run for four weeks at 40/40/20/20 (mgs/d). Start two weeks after your last pin. I would also suggest some blood work to see what 10 weeks of Anavar did to your cholesterol levels. That is an uncommon way to run an oral. The conventional wisdom is to run them shorter because they trash your liver. But I took Anavar for 100 days, prescribed by my doctor, and I had no such issues. I’m betting that I’m in the slim, slim minority of people who have genetically great cholesterol and for whom Anavar did not have any real impact on. But you’ll want to make sure that you have some actual data, and blood work is the only way to know for certain.

Yup. Stopped buying from him after just a few shots, that lab wasn’t reacting well with my body. Is there any way that I can PM you?

There’s no PM system on the forum and posting e-mail addresses is generally against policy, especially in the Pharma section.

So just Nolva and that’s it? Can you explain the dosage a bit more please? Afraid I don’t understand what you mean by 40/40/20/20 mgs/day. Are you saying a total of 120mg a day? You can tell I’m a rookie, eh.

Understood, thanks.

No first week 40/day, second 40/day, third 20/day, fourth 20/day

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Now that definitely makes more sense. And continue the Arimadex for that time as well?

anavar for 10 weeks straight?

You do not need the Arimidex during pct. You’re trying to get your system back to homeostasis, so you should be returning to a normal balance of testosterone/estrogen. The reason you need an AI is because you’re getting more testosterone than you make on your own, thus more of it can and will convert to estrogen. Once that exogenous source is removed you should get back to a normal.

totally wrong keep the AI while in pc at least for first couple weeks, you can get estrogen rebound. Aromasin helps more in pct it elevates IGF.

I don’t agree. The risk of rebound is lower than the risk of crashing e2, which is almost certain if one is using an AI absent exogenous testosterone. An AI works because it is used in a state of supraphysiological testosterone. At the beginning of PCT there is zero testosterone. As your body starts to produce test again naturally there should be no need to prevent excess aromatization because there isn’t excess aromatization.

Alright so with all of that being said… I’ll get the Nolva. Should I be concerned with hCG? I can also stop Anavar now instead of running it the extra 2 weeks, seems most of the people that have posted on this thread are saying that was a bad move, even though I’ve talked to a few guys who do the same daily intake for their entire cycles. Also hearing that Clomid is another possible thing to add in to PCT, but not necessarily a good thing to use.

The HCG isn’t necessary at this point. Nolva is a tired and true choice for pct, so I say follow the wisdom of crowds on that one. Clomid is just another SERM, like Nolva, and it’s also been very popular. The side effects seem to be a little more prevalent with Clomid so I would argue that Nolva would be the first choice. But plenty of guys have used either one (or both) and it’s worked well for them. As long as you run one of them properly you should be fine.