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Getting Certified in Kettlebell Training


I'm interested in gettin certified in kettlebell training. Can anyone recommend a complete certification program? What are the most well known programs and what are the differences?



I don't have any kettlebell certifications, but like to use kettlebells once in a while. Maybe you can start your search with Pavel and Mahler?



This might be considered blasphemous, but Crossfit has kettlebell certifications.


this is a bodybuilding forum not a kettleball forum. take ur chit chat elsewhere. thanks.


i apologise i was a bit rude. a little tired, ya know?

hope this helps:


You're not worth the time or space for a response (at least get up to a level 3).


And if you're going to respond at least learn how to spell.


I was at level 5 but then Biotest downgraded me. I knew I should have established an account instead of always filling out the order form manually every time.