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Getting Calves Used to Pose Running?


Just curious...I've done it a few times, but the only problem is I can only run once a week because my calves are destroyed afterward.


"Getting calves used to pose running?"

Me fail English? That's unpossible.




damn straight ralph.


lol the mod changed the title I had put in I think....


How far are you running? Maybe you're working a bit too hard and need to ease up? I'd think you should be able to run again after a days rest so if it's to painful maybe you need to adjust your routine. Cut back on either intensity or mileage and see if it's better.

I think the guideline from most running sources is to only increase mileage or speed by 10% a week otherwise you're risking injuries and pain.


Yeah, the original title was "how long does it take for your calves to get used to pose running"

What is "pose running??"


I'm running 3 miles, at 6.0 mph. It's about what I would run 3 times per week before switching up.


Why are you running POSE? Were you having problems before?

POSE stresses your calves and ankles rather than your knees and shins. There is generally nothing magic about it and I find it very overhyped but it may be right for you. it is up to you to experiment.

It is impossible to diagnose your running style over the net and the POSE guys generally want too put you through seminars and get you to buy their DVD in order to learn to run their way.

The best advice is to be light on your feet. I find a mid foot strike suits me best to keep impact to a minimum. Do what feels right to you.