Getting Bloodwork for ED-low test symptoms

Because lately although I sleep well etc I feel that I do not have the same “appetite” and that the erections are not the same hard … (I point out that the morning I wake up I have morning wood, no all days of course) …i have hard erection but i feel that i cant maintain my erection that hard all the time…
to say that the last time I experienced something that mess with my hormones was a three-month cycle with ostarine and cardarine 2 years ago …at the time i felt that i was good but later i noticed that my dick was softer than usuall and i was more lethargic

im not sure if this is in my mind or its a real problem so
i thinking to do bloodwork for (so as not to spend a lot of money) SHBG- Testo-Free- Testo

what do you say with these prices I will be fine
(age 28)

If ED was only related to total/free test, we’d all raise T levels and we’d all have rock hard boners.

It’s not that simple. Go see someone who specializes in men’s sexual health, go through all the questions so they have a clear case of what’s going on, and do the required bloodwork.


WELL as i imagined test is pretty low for 28yo aas *** me up

  • LH 5.10 mlU/ml
  • E2 29.6 pg/ml
  • SHBG 31 nmol/L
  • TT 380.07ng/dl
  • FREE TEST 12.70 pg/ml
  • TSH 3.476

any advice? for the blood results they are good or bad…

my doctor say that they are good…

Please provide reference ranges for Free T. Those are good total testosterone levels for a 80 year old. Your testosterone levels should peak towards the top of the reference ranges in your 20’s and decline gradually after 30 years of age.

TSH is a bit elevated, but don’t see any thyroid hormone testing. You need to go to someone who specializes in TRT/hormones, not your GP or a garden variety endocrinologist.

  • LH 5.10 mlU/ml 1.5-9.3mlU/m
  • E2 29.6 pg/ml <40pg/ml
  • SHBG 31 nmol/L 17-71 nmol/L
  • TT 380.07 ng/dl *241-827ng/dl
  • FREE TEST 12.70 pg/ml 4.2-30.4pg/ml
  • TSH 3.476 mIU/ml 0.35-4.90mIU/ml

he is Surgeon - Urologist, Andrologist

When I told you to find someone who specializes in TRT, I meant not in sick care but private where you will pay out of pocket for treatment. Due to poor knowledge within the medical community regarding normal testosterone, you will struggle to find doctors that will prescribe TRT unless you fall below 300 ng/dL.

Even at 270 my doctor never suggested an Endo, and when I requested an Endo, he said he would never prescribe me Test. I asked for Test and I got clomid. In a clomid stupor I called a TRT doc and gave him my card. Then I sent my Endo a big ole Fuck You by telling him that I chose to seek outside help and that his method nearly blinded me.

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But thank god he didn’t give you the evil prostate cancer causing ball shrinking T of the devil. Between that or being blind you might have came out better on the clomid according to him. Where’s the sarcasm emoji?

mostly what makes me do the blood test was the low libido-low desire for sex plus not as many hard erections as before…

I believe without being a doctor that my shgb is at the low side which is good

free t is not completely low asf, but total test is low asf for my age :thinking:

im thinking to start 12,5mg everyday Clomid see how it goes.

They are not “good” but not entirely “bad either”. Cut that “for your age” crap too. All animals are different. Some have naturally higher levels and some don’t. I had extremely high libido and rock hard erections on low T. We are all different is my point. Your are not clinically low so if you want to pursue this you will need a men’s clinic out of pocket. It may help… it may not.

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