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Getting Blood Work, E2 Questions


I'll be going to have my Blood work done tomoorow, specifically for E2
They (Quest) were supposed to test a few weeks ago, but took it upon themselves not to do it, even though it was on the sheet from my Doc.What I want to know is; I think Quest has two diff. tests for E2, a normal and a sensitive assay.

Can anyone confirm this, and is it done through blood or saliva. Any help would be appreciated.

Oh yea, almost forgot: Tot T : 231 ng/dl 250-1100
% free:1.95% 1.5-2.2
T free:45.1 pg/ml 35.0-155.0



Most know what to do with the serum E2 levels, 0-53 lab range. I don't see what the ultra sensitive test is going to do other than create confusion.

Those are blood tests.

You get E2 in the 30's and then you should be on arimidex/anastrozole. If your doc does not do things like that, you have a choice of getting a new doc or getting adex on your own.

What next? Injections or getting slimed?


Thanks for the reply KSman
I don't know what I'm going to do yet. I'm real interested in my E2, as I thought my "symptoms" were more realavent to having high estrogen levels. Obviously, we can see that my T levels are in the tank.
One year ago, total T was 485ng/dl (same scale). I had been doing AM for a couple of 3 month cycles with a few weeks break in between. This year's test, I stopped AM, rezv. There was no freeT done with that test a year ago nor the prior year 287ng/dl (same scale)
I've been having to kind of drag my Doc along, not so much that she's reluctant to order tests, she just dwells on other things like chol levels and BP, which ironically both are really good on me.
Even at the higher total T level, which I know is not stellar, I did'nt feel any better.
I guess I'm kind of hoping if my E2 levels are really elevated, and I can get those in check, that my T levels will go back up, and I could maybe boost them natuarlly, wishful thinking, I know.
Is there enough info there, looking at my %free and Tfree to tell if I'm primary or secondary?
Thanks for your help,


Wow, does all this look familiar!! Are you a newbie to HRT? If so, you have my sympathy.

When the doc tries to give you gels, ask for finasteride as well. He won't give it to you, but then you'll have established a baseline for your doctor's stupidity.

You'll do a lot better at an anti-aging clinic, like www.allthingsmale.com

Enjoy your experiences with doctors and your HRT.


No, if the testes do not work well or the pituitary is not releasing LH, the result is the same and one needs to do TRT.

If LH is low, the pituitary can be checked for a tumor or damage, but then what?... still need TRT.