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Getting Blood Work Done. Which Tests?


So I know to test for:

insulin sensitivity
pH balance
free testosterone

Any other tests that are worth having done?


Why? Are you sick? Any symptoms?

You're 21. I don't really expect anything to be wrong with you. If you're taking creatine, Cystatin C is a better kidney health marker, but without more info you can't get a decent reply.


My parents wanted me to test for food allergies and get a check-up because I haven't been to the doctor in ages, and insurance will cover it.

Since I am already getting blood drawn, I figured I might as well do other tests that are relevant to my lifting passions. Don't know what to ask them to check for though, besides the above.


If you can get a blood vitamin and mineral panel covered under your insurance, do it. You can instantly get a very good sense of some very fundamental things that you may be doing wrong with your diet. At your age it's extremely unlikely that there'll be any major toxin buildup (from lead & other heavy metals), but it doesn't hurt to have that included in the panel as well.


docs will do a blood chemistry (na, k, cl, co2, bun, cr) and blood count (wbc, hgb, hct, plt). ask about fasting blood sugar and cholesterol. as mentioned, vit. D is worth getting as well, if you aren't taking any supps or getting frequent sun. your doc will likely raise his/her eyebrows about doing a testosterone level but you can get that too.

that along with a blood pressure reading should do it.

good luck


Cool, thanks guys