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Getting Blood Panel Done Before Doing First Cycle

I am ordering a male hormone check. I will be ordering it online and will be sending the lab a blood sample from which i will receive information regarding my hormones.

The test will include these measurements:
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)
Free Androgen Index (FAI)

Now, firstly i wanted to make sure that i am getting all of the information i need before purchasing. Are these measurements all i need to measure?

Secondly i believe i read somewhere that testosterone levels fluctuate a lot during the day, especially in younger men. I am 24 years old and if anyone had some insight into when would be the best time during the day to take the sample, it would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Best time is as soon as you wake up as far as I know

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I think you’re majoring in the minors here. The important point is not to focus on the ‘best’ time of day to test but rather to pick a time that you’ll routinely be able to test so when you go to retest yourself after PCT ( assuming you’re not going to cruise after your blast) so that you’ll be comparing apple to apples. If morning work best for you then choose mornings…if you’d rather test after work then do that.


Sounds good, i think i will do it in the morning and use that as a standard time for testing again and again.

Now, the test does not include either FSH or LH, i can take another test with that included, however this will double the price. Should i include these?

I would say yes. Now is the chance to establish a healthy baseline for your body prior to introduction of any exogenous substances. To that end I would pull as many data points as possible (assuming you can afford them), kidneys, liver, RBC, lipids, thyroid, etc. You’re never going to have this chance again once you start using gear. I’m sure others (calling @physioLojik @unreal24278) may be able to mention more tests.

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Hey, I’m @unreal24278, my profile picture clearly demonstrates I’m a waffle though

Glucose tolerance/insulin sensitivity (not oral glucose tolerance test, that takes ages)

If possible get a CBC, includes more than just RBC count (includes HCT, haemoglobin, WBC, MCH, MCHC etc.) LH, FSH, although nice to know isn’t a nessecity. If possible get an electrocardiogram (echo is more detailed but ehhh), if you have one baseline before cycle you’ll know you’re hearts natural electrophysiology, echo would be really good but might be tough to get one.

Remember tho, bloods are just a snapshot of you’re bodies various biomarkers at that given time at which said blood is taken out, these variables are prone to fluctuation, so a small difference pre and post cycle isn’t the end of the world and will change based on various lifestyle factors, the bodies natural circadium rhythm etc.

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Sensible move, one of the worst decisions I made was not getting extensive bloods done pre-cycle. I cannot stress how important it is.


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