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Getting Biotest Supps in UK?


Just wondering if anyone could help me on this.

I just tried placing an order for some Biotest supplements, ok as far as placing the order but then the site seems to add a staggering 75 dollars to ship to the uk.
Now i think that the supplements are good value but paying that much shipping and then getting stung for Uk vat as well makes it non-doable.

Anyone tried shipping stuff into the uk by any other method of than via fed-ex ?


I do ship supplements to Russia via shipito.com, USPS fee + $8.50 per package


How does that work then ??


It's a freight forwarding company. You pay to have a package sent to an address in a certain country, then they send it on to you from that address. Savings depend on the exchange rate between countries.


so if they are quoting say $30 bucks to send me something in Mexico, I could use the free shipping option to get it to them, then just pay that to get it down to me?


Sure, but you'd have to check the weight of the package and so forth beforehand to make sure it's worth your while.


All I can think of is just to order such an amount that the $75 is a small percentage of the order.

Otherwise you will just have to order from the UK site, however the prices are inflated by about 110-120%.

Once in a while I might treat myself to a box of FINiBARs but other than that Biotest products are just not an option.


Thanks, just bit the bullet and put in a decent size order.