Getting Biotest in Alberta, Canada?

Hi guys, I’ve been trying to find a retailer for Biotest in Calgary but no one seems to carry anything more than Spike. Does anyone know of a good retailer in Calgary or a good internet dealer? I’ve also heard that some people have trouble getting Biotest into Alberta, that it sometimes gets stopped at the border. Any truth to this?

I’ve seen Metabolic Drive at a Popeye’s somewhere, but that’s it.

Myself and a business partner have a store scheduled to be opened as of June 1st in Red Deer. Biotest is one of the main supplement lines that I plan to push. I will give out further details as opening day approaches.
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Man…$70 seems like a lot for 10 servings of Surge.

Order online for sure man. Biotest is so expensive here. At least 100% markup! Shipping is a little expensive and there was something like 10 bucks duty on a 200 dollar order, but still way cheaper.