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Getting Bigger

Im new to weightlifting and T-Nation and weigh around 135 lbs. My body is cut naturally I just want to bring my muscles out and gain more weight. Any suggestions?

Eat more food. Lift more weight.


Wow, Kliplemet.

You could follow that advice. It’s good stuff.

Or, if you don’t want to read all that, you could follow the advice on the second post.

Eat. Lift.

Since you’re naturally cut, and probably have a fast metabolism, you don’t need to worry about the nutritional things too much. Just be sure to get enough food and lift heavy weights. Give it time, and your body will take care of itself.

If you want to read more (besides Kliplemet’s excellent post), you should try the beginner’s thread stickied at the top of the Beginner’s forum.

this maybe the most information rich thread i have ever seen.

My head hurts after reading some of those posts.

good articles Kliplemet…thanks for posting them…

[quote]Kliplemet wrote:
It’s good stuff.

in fact, it completely owns pretty much everything on this site and beyond[/quote]

… but enough about your mother’s ass :wink: