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Getting Bigger Without Putting on Weight?


Hi Guy's,

I have nearly reached my goal of weighing 13 stone and was just wondering how to go about my business after that.

I want to build muscle without putting on too much weight, realisticly i want to weight the same but replace the fat i have left with lean muscle,

Just wondering what the best way to do that is,



Eat clean(er)? Train hard(er)? Theres loads of articles on here about this.
I mean damn if you have to do a modified v-diet.




If you replace the fat with muscle, you can't really stay the same weight.


Add muscle before, then loose fat.




Why not? A pound's a pound.


It's not that hard, just use carb cycling. I've manage to drop from 172 to 160 while increasing my bench press from 155 to 200, and my deadlift from 306 to 312+. T-Nation and elitefts both have very comprehensive carb cycling articles. To sum it up, more carbs on workout days (more on lower body days) and on off days you consume less carbs but ramp up the oil consumption, of course get in some good oil like salmon, nuts, and avocados.


How long did that take?


A slow and steady 5 or 6 months, I've wasted three months on Waterburys Get Huge in a Hurry program. My results aren't fantastic, but even on a huge calorie surplus diet, my gains came along slowly.

My measurements and workouts for the past 9-10 months can be seen at

I'm content with my progress, it may be slow as hell, but as least its steady.


Nice job. It's interesting, when I first came to this site I saw a pic of you and thought I looked similar. Checking over your measurements we are, lol. Except you're taller, and a hell of a lot leaner (bastard :().


Thank you :slightly_smiling:


I think it would depend on how experienced the OP is. Increasing a 300lbs dead while losing weight and increasing a 500lbs dead while losing weight are very different things.